Why It’s Important to Promote Your Blog

Why It’s Important to Promote Your Blog

It’s easy to start a blog now, and its owing to systems like WordPress, and social-media sites like Facebook for making it so easy to promote them. Anyone that takes their blog seriously needs to promote it or no one will see it, basically. If you plan on setting up an online store or creating some sort of passion blog on travelling or photography then be prepared to explore all avenues in which to make it successful.

There are plenty of reasons to push your blog, some more obvious than others, but the three most important can be found below.  

Why it’s Important

Reach New Customers and Audiences: Word of mouth has always been a solid way of gaining more customers but now it isn’t enough. Just having a space on the internet isn’t either. Everyone’s promoting their blog and services through social media campaigns, email marketing and other methods. By not doing so, you’ll likely get left behind and forced out of the running by stronger competitors. Given that most businesses we’re loyal to exist online or have a large online presence, it wouldn’t make sense to create something without considering how you expect to target your audience or demographic.


Build Brand Loyalty: Getting a sale or a few visits to your site isn’t always the hard part – customer retention usually is. As a blog owner it’s up to you to make customers engage with your products or services, just like with any other business. Deciding not to promote might still see you earn a few customers or readers, sure. The chances of keeping them interested is much slimmer. Customers need to be reminded of the services they could be loyal to, the convenience you can provide and what makes your blog stand out over others.


Build Revenue: Probably the most important reason to promote your blog is that the further you float it, whether it’s about food or travelling or photography, the greater the income you stand to make. Increased traffic could lead to a hike in product sales, as well as the chance to create new advertising partnerships. A desirable site has plenty of opportunities to create revenue through advertising. A PC-gaming blog would be a good place for brands like Razer to display their products, for example.   


Promoting a blog is essential when it comes to running one. It’s fair to assume that anyone who creates a blog expects traffic – and the more the better. Otherwise, there’s no point in really creating it. Your blog won’t exactly do a good job of putting your message out or creating business. It’s becoming increasingly more common that people quit their day jobs due to how successful their blogs become. Putting out the right message or product can garner a large public following, as well as a bunch of advertising partners.

 For marketing amateurs, knowing how to promote your blog might not come as easy. But there are a lot of great resources out there for learning and to be honest, the best thing to do is to start with what you have. Boost your social media accounts and get back in touch with old customers and readers. Making your Instagram more popular is just one way of directing traffic to your site.

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