What is AWS EC2?

Hi there I’m Ahmad from UnboxHow and let me help you understand about AWS EC2 (a compute service in the cloud) through this article.

Let’s try to understand the value of AWS EC2 with an interesting story.

Somewhere far in the country a scientist has a lab far in the woods and one day he stumbled on a calculation that he had trouble solving. He was very certain that his computer can handle it.  

He asked his computer to do the math or the calculation for him, the computer thought about it for a while then took a couple of hours in trying to process the data and eventually at one point it gave up and died due to low memory. 

This old scientist was now clueless about how he was going to complete his invention and let the whole world know about it.

And that’s when he was introduced to this new friend AWS. AWS was very handy in replacing his old machines and it was able to give him the service that he wanted at that moment.

A new technology trend

AWS has been around for a while helping people with their computer needs and now this new scientist friend in need is welcomed by the new and trendy IT technology

AWS welcomed and walked him through the new way of computing, all the new innovations in IT and in cloud that he had been missing all these days 

So his new friend AWS started the conversation about explaining how there is no need for any hardware units, no managing hardware or provisioning in AWS.  

Secondly it explained increasing and decreasing the capacity as per the demand is just a click away and the best part here is that there is no upfront commitment and we only pay for what we have used. Just like we pay electricity and water bills and all this comes with complete control from our side. Along with, this comes with enterprise-grade security that’s beyond imagination in on-premises.

If this still does not excite you than this definitely would, you can work from anywhere in the world. Now this really made the scientist to get excited especially when he thought about working from home.

Working from home There is nothing like it isn’t it. 


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