How to use wget in php?

If the aim is to just load the contents inside your application, you don’t even need to use wget:

$xmlData = file_get_contents('http://user:[email protected]/file.xml');

Note that this function will not work if allow_url_fopen is disabled (it’s enabled by default) inside either php.ini or the web server configuration (e.g. httpd.conf).

If your host explicitly disables it or if you’re writing a library, it’s advisable to either use cURL or a library that abstracts the functionality, such as Guzzle.

use GuzzleHttp\Client;

$client = new Client([
  'base_url' => '',
  'defaults' => [
    'auth'    => ['user', 'pass'],

$xmlData = $client->get('/file.xml');
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