Tips on how to Create a Successful Blogger Media Kit

Tips on how to Create a Successful Blogger Media Kit

Yes, being a professional blogger is a full time job. And bloggers, vloggers, youtubers or influencers work with brands to sustain themselves. But how do you approach brands to work with you when you’re the new blogger in town?

By using creative and professional media kits! Every blogger who wants to be taken into account needs one. And it’s not because I say so. Let’s dig deeper into what a blogger media kit is and why it’s so useful for bloggers to have one. Keep on reading for more useful tips and tricks and two blogger media kits templates freebies from Flipsnack.

What is a blogger media kit?
The simple definition of a blogger media kit is basically a resume or CV that outlines the best features of your online persona. A media kit is a summary of your main achievements, statistics and social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc). Basically, the main goal of your media kit is to present your blog to potential advertisers. It lets them know all about your blog, from what kind of articles you write to how many followers you have on Instagram.

It doesn’t have to be long and boring, it can be just one page or if you have a lot to include, make it 2 or 3. But if you’re just starting out as a new blogger/ influencer and don’t have that much to include in your media kit, one page is enough, if you do it right, of course.

What should a blogger media kit include?

-A brief introduction
-Collaboration options

1. A brief introduction
It’s kind of self explanatory why a solid introduction of your blog is very important. Brands (marketers, brand managers or account managers) need to know who they’re talking to, what your blog is about and the main topics you’re passionate about.

Try to be friendly so that brands can relate to you and feel like they would want to connect and work with you. I would recommend a more friendly but professional approach instead of trying to sell yourself too hard.

2. Statistics

As boring as it may seem, when presenting your blog in a media kit, numbers are very important to gain trust. Brands need to know what you’re bringing to the table.
Stats you can include here:

-Monthly unique visits
-Monthly pageviews
-Demographics: who is your audience: location, age, sex.
-Social media following: how many people follow you on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Or if you have a community group, tell more about it.

Now, but what do you include here if you’re quite new and don’t yet have a massive number of followers? You must have something that you can take pride in, like how much growth you had in the past month or so. Or, how you engage with your audience. Sure, numbers are important, but the most important thing is the connection you have with your followers. You might have 100k followers on Instagram, but if they don’t engage with you as a community, it’s less valuable than an account who has 10k but is doing better at the engagement part.

3. Testimonials

Honestly, the best way to do marketing is by word of mouth. And one way to gain trust is to have other people talking good about you. So, if you’ve worked with brands in the past, reach out for some testimonials. A great recommendation from your past sponsors will definitely help you seal the deal faster.

If you’re just starting out in this business and trying to get your first sponsored job, there’s not much you can show here. But again, you can promote your day to day work: how you got started, how good you are when engaging with your community, photography skills and so on.

4. Collaboration options (fees included)

This is where you include all the options that brands can work with you: from product review to sponsored posts or long term advertising campaigns.

Many brands would be interested in a more specific collaboration and discuss the fees later, but it sure helps to include your prices here, as well. It will sure help the account managers or brand managers who would make an overall impression and decide if your blog fits their advertising budget.

Don’t forget to include your contact info so that brands can easily reach out to you. And I would also recommend downloading your media kit and send it as PDF. Make sure your correct e-mail address is everywhere: Facebook, Instagram bio, Twitter, etc.

Blogger media kit examples

You will not reinvent the wheel here, but you can always take inspiration from what others, more successful bloggers and big publishers are doing it.

A few examples of really cool media kits, from big publications to bloggers:

Refinery 29

When it comes to partnering or advertising on Refinery 29, visit their corporate website for more info about their brand and audience and past partnerships:

High Snobiety

High Snobiety is a streetwear blog, media brand and production agency launched in 2005 by David Fischer. It covers trends and news in fashion, art, music, and culture. Full media kit here.

The Healthy Maven

Davida, the blogger behind The Healthy Maven decided to add an entire section on her blog called – Work Together. This is yet another option that you can use instead of the classic media kit.

Blogger media kit freebies:

In order to make things easier for you, we created two media kit templates that you can edit and personalize to make them yours.

Blogger media kit for a fashion blog

This media kit design template from Flipsnack is perfect for any beauty, fashion or even lifestyle blog. It’s got plenty of text space to add an introduction, talk a bit about your blog, add photography and social media buttons and that’s it! You’ll have your own blogger media kit within minutes.

Media kit for a lifestyle blog

The second media kit template is suitable for any green blog, could be anything from healthy living or how to go green and recycle more and live a more balanced life. With this stylish green media kit design template from Flipsnack, you’ll have an easier time creating a media kit that looks modern enough to stand out.

Your work here is done! You are now a fully equipped blogger who’s got its sponsorship program ready for take off. Take your blog to the next level with a brand new media kit that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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