Tips from Corporate Video Producers: How to Conduct Excellent On-Camera Interviews

Tips from Corporate Video Producers: How to Conduct Excellent On-Camera Interviews

Corporate video testimonial is perhaps the best way to tell believable and genuine stories about anyone or anything related to the business world. Knowing how to carry out proper corporate video editing is a great way to highlight a business. In this article, you will learn 10 amazing corporate video editing tips to make a marketing video stand out.

Tips to take into consideration when making a corporate video testimonial

Prepare your questions ahead of time
Do not rush your questions. It is important to take your time and write them ahead of time. When choosing the right questions, it’s always a good idea to pick those that will make the interview flow. Do not use a lot of close-ended questions that lead to yes or no answers. Instead, begin questions with: who, what, when, where, why and how.

Choose the right interviewee
When telling a good story, a lot of it falls under the jurisdiction of the storyteller. To achieve great storytelling, the interviewee must be brilliant! Even if he is a successful CEO, that doesn’t mean that he is the best person to be telling the story. It is a good thing to pick those persons with whom you can related and empathize without hurting your own feelings.

Don’t force someone to get an interview
Always remember, if you want to excel at corporate video editing, you can’t force people to be interviewed. You need to avoid answers like “I don’t even want to do this”, or “Let’s get this over with”. A great video expresses energy and success. So, the key here is to make sure the person feels passionate when telling his or her story. It must feel genuine. Audiences love genuine conversation. Therefore, take your time when selecting a candidate.

Consider Pre-Interviews
Pre-interviews are what is known as short conversations to test different people. Usually these are 10-15 minutes long and you carry them out with different people until you find the best person for the job. You can do this in-person or over the phone. It is better to do this in-person since you can also watch for body language and charisma. A good storyteller is someone who catch your attention and makes you want to hear more. That is why, companies should always use their strongest players for corporate video testimonial.

Create a warm atmosphere
When you are preparing the interview, make sure to sit down with your guest and chit-chat for a few minutes. Inform him about the order of events, and how you are going to conduct the interview. Some coaching is always appreciated. Try to remind them that their answers will be edited and that their “umms” or “ahhs” will be eliminated. Always let them know that do-overs are okay! In the end, just remind them to smile and enjoy the interview.

Make the conversation flow
It is really important that you listen to your guest’s responses and continue to ask new questions. If your interview turns into a conversation that you lead, you have got a gem in your possession. Once the conversation has run its course and you feel ready to move into another direction, just go back to your original line of questioning.

Choose a very quiet room
Audio quality is important during corporate video editing. Even the slightest noise can be a problem during the testimonial. Therefore, it is vital that whenever you are interviewing a client, make sure that the room is quiet.

Do not give out specific questions in advance
You cannot give the questions to the interview before the video! This only leads to a have a robot on the set! No matter what, you cannot surrender something as precious as the questions for the interview. If the interviewee insists on having the questions beforehand, just give them the general line of questioning, nothing specific.

Consider scenery changes
If you are filming multiple testimonial in one day, a change of scenery is always a good idea. This is not so simple of course since you may need to keep the same background for every testimonial. However, give yourself some time to allow for scene or framing changes. In the end, this will give each interviewee a unique look that will differentiate the storytellers.

Position your interviewee’s eye-line
Last but not least, you have to position yourself near to or very close to the videographer in a way that your interviewee looks at you and not directly at the camera. This interesting camera set-up will create a visually elegant interview. An interview directed at camera can still be appropriate but the end result will be different. So, make sure you’ve selected the eye-line decision prior to the shoot. Also, you may encounter some individuals that will look at you, then at the camera, then back at you. This is a common mistake! When this happens, pause the shoot and remind your guest to look at you at all times.

Follow these 10 tips and you will excel at corporate video editing in a matter of time!

Robart Det has over five years of experience in the field of Video editing. He specializes writing articles on video production topics on his blog. He is presently working at  viddedit, a reputable presence in the video industry.

Original post: Tips from Corporate Video Producers: How to Conduct Excellent On-Camera Interviews

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