The Ultimate List of Tools and Software for Small Businesses in 2021

The Ultimate List of Tools and Software for Small Businesses in 2021

Are you looking for the best software for small businesses?

Small businesses don’t have the capital to invest in expensive software just for the sake of experimenting.

Having the right tools from the start can help you quickly reach your marketing goals.

Since there are hundreds of different tools for website building, business automation, marketing, promotions, affiliates, and so on, it’s difficult for a beginner to select the best software and stay under budget.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll share some of the ultimate tools and best software for small businesses.

Best Software for Small Businesses

Below, you’ll find the ultimate tools and software for small businesses. This helps set up your website and get new leads to grow your revenue.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. SeedProd


SeedProd is the most popular landing page builder for WordPress. After making your website, this plugin lets you create sales pages, landing pages, about pages, contact pages, and other website pages easily.

It comes with hundreds of ready-made page templates that you can import in just 1-click to customize with a visual builder. SeedProd’s builder is easy to use, even for absolute beginners.

It allows you to create and publish pages on the go. The plugin uses codeless blocks and sections to add headings, text, lists, buttons, images, videos, and more. It also offers advanced blocks to display optin popups, social profiles, contact forms, image sliders, ratings, and navigation menus.

SeedProd supports shortcodes and custom HTML for developers to customize the pages further. It has premium integrations with your favorite email marketing services to collect emails and build your email list.

If your website is under construction, you can display the built-in coming soon or maintenance mode page. SeedProd has several 404 error page templates to engage users. This will never let users go away without signing up on your site.

Get SeedProd today!

2. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is the most powerful lead generation and conversion optimization software for small businesses. It lets you create marketing campaigns and get new potential leads to grow your business quickly.

With hundreds of built-in campaigns, you can design a plan for your marketing and promotions. It has a drag and drop builder to make changes and customization. Without editing any code, you’ll be targeting users with visually stunning and personalized promotions.

OptinMonster comes with Exit-Intent® Technology that helps convert your abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers. This rule targets by user behavior and shows a personalized message when a visitor is about to exit from your site to boost conversions.

The best part about OptinMonster is its A/B testing feature. You can display different campaigns to different users and find out which campaign layout is converting more users.

For every campaign you make, there are analytics and insights to show complete statistics about your success. This helps identify what’s performing and where you need to put more effort to get the results you want.

Get OptinMonster today!

3. WPForms


WPForms is the best WordPress contact form plugin. It comes with a drag and drop form builder to design any type of form, including survey forms, payment forms, newsletter forms, registration forms, and more.

It also offers hundreds of form templates to add unlimited forms in just a few clicks. You can customize a template to add fields, buttons, text, and more to your forms.

WPForms also has smart spam protection. It uses captcha code to stop contact form spam and saves your website from spambots. The forms are easy to embed in your blog posts, pages, sidebar, widget areas, footer, and page templates.

Some of the important features include instant notifications for your team to respond to queries, multi-page forms to split long forms into several pages, file upload and media support, compatibility with payment methods, and email marketing integrations.

This is the best tool for small businesses to generate leads, communicate with customers, monitor user journeys, control form access, and easily send form entries to external services.

Get WPForms today!

4. MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It helps understand your website audience and shows complete traffic insights from Google Analytics within your WordPress dashboard.

From real-time analytics to user behavior reports, the plugin covers every aspect of a visitor. This is a powerful tool to monitor your users’ activity and take quick actions to engage more audiences.

When it comes to reports, you can create fully custom analytics reports for your website, eCommerce store, or general blog. It also offers SEO ranking reports and hundreds of data monitoring points to take charge of your website traffic.

The top features include page-level analytics to find out popular pages and posts, affiliate links and ad tracking, built-in Google Optimize to A/B test speed, custom dimensions for tracking authors’ pages, and much more.

MonsterInsights integrates with popular WordPress plugins to track form entries, digital downloads, member sign-ups, ad marketing, and so on.

Get MonsterInsights today!

5. TrustPulse


TrustPulse is the popular social proof app to instantly increase your conversions. It allows you to display real-time notifications, analytics notifications, action messages, popular visitor activity, and conversion alerts on your website.

It comes with a smart targeting feature to display social proof notifications to the right people at the right time. You can create and send notifications in just a few minutes without editing any code.

TrustPulse has flexible design options and multiple positions to showcase the notification box. It lets you customize the message, colors, images, and other elements to match your website’s notification.

For each campaign, you can monitor the insights and results. This helps find out which pages are delivering more conversions.

Get TrustPulse today!

6. PushEngage


PushEngage is the best web push notification software for small businesses. It lets you send push notifications for your new blog posts, product announcements, deals and offers, cart abandonment, and more.

You can fully customize a notification by adding a title, text, image, and URL. This way, you can redirect customers to your most important pages to grow traffic and increase your revenue.

Besides customization, you can also control the layout and design of the push notification to personalize it for users. This includes geo-language, language, and time zone features.

With proper segmentation, PushEngage will let you target the right subscribers and bring them back to your website. Monitor the views, clicks, sales, and revenue for each notification to make changes in your campaigns and achieve your goals.

PushEngage also offers automated triggered notifications, A/B testing to experiment with multiple notifications, Drip campaigns, eCommerce integrations, offline notifications, and more.

Get PushEngage today!

7. UpdraftPlus


UpdraftPlus is the ultimate WordPress backup plugin. When your website crashes or gets hacked, it helps recover the data in just a few minutes and puts you back online.

It’s compatible with the WordPress multisite network to create regular backups for all your sites. There’s no limit on the backup file size and file type. It also supports WP CLI for developers to create manual and custom backups.

The best part about UpdraftPlus is incremental backups to upload the updates to the original backup file. This feature reduces the time and effort to create full website backups each time you make a small change on your site.

UpdraftPlus offers backup scheduling on an hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. You can also add a custom time to automate backups of your website. It lets you schedule files and databases at different timings to put less load on your servers.

For all backups, there’s a log to monitor your operations. It shows backup progress in your WordPress dashboard and also displays warnings and errors. When a backup is completed, you’ll get the notification.

Get UpdraftPlus today!

8. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a top email marketing service for small businesses. It comes with a drag and drop email builder to design and customize emails without writing any code.

With email marketing automation, you can send welcome emails to new subscribers, trigger an email series based on user behavior, segment contacts, resend emails to non-openers, and more. It offers list-building tools to collect your contacts and put them into the right lists.

Constant Contact also has dedicated eCommerce email marketing tools. This helps find new customers, engage clients on your store, and bring them back to your site with regular automated emails.

It provides tracking tools to monitor email open rates, click-through rates, and email sharing in real-time. Constant Contact allows you to send personalized emails to users based on where they click on your website.

Get Constant Contact today!

9. All in One SEO

All in One SEO

All in One SEO is the best and most popular WordPress SEO plugin on the market. It comes with a powerful toolkit to help rank your website in search engines.

From the start, it lets you manage user roles to give access to your team members for specific features. This way, you can control your website’s SEO for better results.

The plugin offers XML sitemaps, Google News sitemaps, rich snippets, video sitemaps, and more. It allows you to edit the robots.txt file to give instructions to web crawlers about your website.

All in One SEO has an audit checklist to analyze your website and detect errors. This helps in taking quick actions to boost your rankings and increase website traffic.

If you’re running an eCommerce store, this plugin has advanced WooCommerce SEO tools to optimize your product pages, product categories, and landing pages. Add title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and other tags to optimize your website’s SEO properly.

Get All in One SEO today!

10. SEMrush


SEMrush is a premium online marketing tool for small businesses. It lets you manage your website’s SEO, advertisement, content, and social media marketing from a single dashboard.

For your regular marketing efforts, SEMrush has dozens of tools and reports that can ensure results. You can start with keyword research to write your posts and audit pages with the on-page SEO tool to grow your traffic.

SEMrush provides a detailed analysis of your competitors’ activity. It also allows you to design a powerful content marketing strategy to capture more leads with your blog posts.

Some other useful tools include rank tracking to identify daily changes on target keywords, link building opportunities to broaden your backlink profile, social media analytics, content optimization, and more.

Get SEMrush today!

11. ThirstyAffiliates


ThirstyAffiliates is the most popular affiliate management and link cloaking software for WordPress websites. It allows you to customize long and bad-looking affiliate links into beautiful URLs.

The plugin automatically adds affiliate link keywords in your posts to save time. It supports link scheduling, automatic 404 checker, multi-author blog, geo-location link redirects, and so on.

Get ThirstyAffiliates today!

12. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM is a well-known customer relationship management software for small businesses. It comes with advanced artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology to find new customers, boost engagement, nurture leads, and more.

It offers automatic chatbots to manage real-time visitors while you focus on the growth of your business. You can track page visits and actions to understand the visitor’s intent. This way, you can personalize your communication for better results.

The software allows you to send welcome emails to new customers based on their activity on your website. Freshworks also offers multiple communication channels, including phone, email, chat, and more.

Get Freshworks CRM today!

13. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is the best WordPress social media feed plugin. It allows you to display Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook groups, and several other feeds on your website to grow your social presence.

It’s easy to create and customize your social feeds without hiring a professional developer. You can also edit the font and styles to match your website’s design in just a few clicks.

Smash Balloon can help boost engagement on your website, increase subscribers, and get more sales. It also lets you create shoppable feeds for your eCommerce products and grow your business.

Get Smash Balloon today!

14. TweetDeck


TweetDeck is a simple yet useful tool for small businesses to connect your official Twitter accounts. You can use this tool to give your business Twitter account access to team members, and they can publish tweets.

Anyone can sign up from their personal account to access the business account. This way, you don’t need to share your official Twitter page’s login details with your team.

Get TweetDeck today!

15. RafflePress


RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway and contest plugin. It comes with a drag and drop builder to create successful giveaways in a few minutes. It also comes with ready-made giveaway templates to engage more users.

Create a dedicated landing page for your giveaway to get the best results. With a 1-click entry feature, you can avoid fraud entries. And the viral sharing option allows you to automate word of mouth marketing.

It seamlessly integrates with popular marketing, social media, and CRM tools. This way, you can add more features to your contest to connect with your users.

Get RafflePress today!

16. Slack


Slack is an online team communication software for small businesses. It lets you create channels and small group chats to communicate with team members.

It comes with a powerful search system to find previous chats. Slack creates archives of all your communication, even when a team member left your organization. This way, you’ll always find out a discussion or files shared in the chat.

You can also add customers to specific Slack channels and limit them to team members who handle your business’s customer support. Slack also allows voice and video calls to connect with your team or clients quickly.

Get Slack today!

17. Asana


Asana is the perfect project and task management tool for small businesses. It helps organize work for your team members and add timelines to achieve specific goals.

It allows you to mark your tasks as a priority and less priority by using colors. You can also add date ranges to tasks for long projects. Asana also allows you to add recurring tasks for your team.

Integrate Asana with your favorite app to bring everything on the same dashboard. This helps improve your communication and collaboration to complete tasks on time.

Get Asana today!

18. Zoom


Zoom is the most popular online meeting tool for small businesses. It lets you connect with team members on video calls to share screens and work in a better environment from anywhere in the world.

It allows you to create rooms and workspaces to connect with your team instantly. Zoom has a powerful cloud phone system and a mobile app for easy online communication.

You can use Zoom for video webinars, marketing and training sessions, long HD video calls, and more. It integrates with Slack and other popular apps to send notifications to your team about meetings.

Get Zoom today!

19. Grammarly


Grammarly is the top grammar tool for your writers and almost anyone in the team to fix quick mistakes. It helps identify small errors that anyone can make while writing a blog post or an email.

Not only you can find mistakes, but Grammarly offers a solution to fix issues in 1-click. It’s A.I.-powered, and it learns from your corrections to avoid alerting you for the same fixes.

Get Grammarly today!

20. MemberPress


MemberPress is the best WordPress membership plugin. It lets you create a membership website and gives access to your content for users who sign up or purchase a digital product.

You can restrict access to pages, child pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags, and more. It offers coupons to run promotions and deals on your content to generate more revenue.

MemberPress also allows you to create and sell online courses. It has the full features of a learning management system (LMS), and you can easily integrate it within your business website.

Get MemberPress today!

21. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is the ultimate WordPress plugin to sell digital products online. This includes ebooks, PDF files, plugins, documents, and more. It lets you set up a shopping cart for users with complete features on an online store.

You can manage orders, customers, sales, and everything within your WordPress admin dashboard. For each customer, you can keep a separate record as a profile page.

The plugin lets you offer discount codes on a flat rate or percentage-based. This can be given to specific products with automated start and end dates. You can apply conditions for customers to get the discount, like the minimum order amount or product count.

Easy Digital Downloads provides complete data and insights on your earnings. You can also filter reports for specific products and track tax collection for each fiscal year. Download the data in an Excel file and use it to compare sales in the future.

Get Easy Digital Downloads today!

22. Canva


Canva is a popular image creation and graphic design tool for small businesses. It comes with several tools to design business cards, postcards, invitations, flyers, custom t-shirts, and much more.

The designs are easy to download on your computer in printable file sizes. You can also create banners and images for your website with no design experience using stock photos.

Get Canva today!


reSmush it is a free WordPress image optimizer tool. It allows you to reduce image sizes, so you can improve the performance and speed of your website.

It supports multiple file types, including JPG, PNG, and GIF. Upload the image and click on the button to optimize it to a smaller size. This plugin doesn’t effect the quality of the images, and you can also exclude photos from the optimizer to display the original version where necessary.

Get today!

24. Project Panorama

Project Panorama

Project Panorama is a WordPress visual project management plugin. It connects your customer to the portal, where you can display the status and progress of projects to keep them updated.

Each customer can look into their own projects. This helps reduce unnecessary meetings and calls between customers and your team members to manually share the work progress. It also allows you to upload documents for review and approval from customers.

Get Project Panorama today!

25. FreshBooks


FreshBooks is an invoice and accounting software for small businesses to automate their finances. It helps with invoices, expenses, time tracking, accounting, estimates, payments, and projects.

It comes with a mobile app to check your finances from anywhere in the world. FreshBooks provides reports for your business growth and financial accounts to understand the progress in your business.

Get FreshBooks today!

26. StartBooking


StartBooking is an online scheduling and appointment booking software. It comes with multiple tools to book and schedule appointments between teams, clients, and partners.

With automated scheduling and email notifications, you’ll never miss an appointment. This helps focus on the right direction to grow your business while StartBooking takes care of your meeting schedules.

Get StartBooking today!

27. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a content discovery tool to find new content ideas, blog post topics, and more. It comes with useful resources to find high-performing content to get more likes, links, and shares.

It helps research and design a marketing strategy that makes a real difference in your business growth. BuzzSumo also lets you find influencers in your niche to promote your brand to the right audience.

Get BuzzSumo today!

28. Zapier


Zapier is the powerful app automation software on the market. It lets you connect thousands of apps to work together and automate workflows. This allows you to work on important projects while the apps handle your routine tasks in the background.

It has a simple and intuitive editor to create workflows in just a few minutes. Zapier integrates with your favorite apps, including Slack, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Facebook Lead Ads, and more.

Get Zapier today!

29. Dropbox


Dropbox is a cloud storage service for small businesses to upload and save files. It connects with hundreds of tools and software to streamline your work and centralizes remote teams.

You can access your files from anywhere globally and deliver completed projects to clients with password protection. For your legal business documents, it offers electronic signatures to store and manage files securely.

Get Dropbox today!

30. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based applicant tracking software for small businesses. It helps in hiring team members for your organization without having a dedicated human resource team.

It also provides end-to-end hiring solutions as a third-party human resource service. You can hire temporary staff for quick projects and manage everything on intuitive hiring software online.

Get Zoho Recruit today!

And that’s all for today! We hope this article helped you find the ultimate and best software for small businesses.

You may also want to check out our guide on best tools for link building to get quality backlinks.

This will further help strengthen your business website and get more traffic from different resources. That means more traffic, more leads, and more sales!

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