Smash Balloon Review – Is It #1 Social Media Feed Plugin?

Smash Balloon Review – Is It #1 Social Media Feed Plugin?

Are you looking for a social media feed plugin that works seamlessly with your WordPress website? If so, you’re in the right place.

Whether you run an online store, have a blog, or simply want an efficient way to merge your social channels together, Smash Balloon is the solution for you.

About Smash Balloon

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Used by more than 1,300,000+ users worldwide, Smash Balloon has become the #1 social aggregate plugin for WordPress users. Its powerful features and beginner-friendly interface make it the perfect solution for site owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and more.

Why Use Smash Balloon for Your WordPress Site?

There are several reasons why Smash Balloon is the perfect solution for your site.

1. Build Social Proof

To improve conversions and boost sales, you need to convince your site visitors that your brand is worth their investment. The easiest way to do so is by adding social proof to your website, which includes ratings, reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content. Adding this content to your site boosts brand credibility and improves recognition for your business.

2. Boost Social Engagement

Displaying social media content on your site encourages user engagement. Your audience already hangs out on social media, which gives you the perfect opportunity to show them your social content and start a conversation. People are naturally more active on social platforms and are more willing to engage with brands and businesses there.

3. Save Time

Before, you’d have to manually publish new social content to your website every time you created a new post. But with Smash Balloon, social feeds upload straight to your site as you post them so you don’t have to worry about giving your audience the latest. It also saves you time to spend more wisely elsewhere so you can take advantage of every minute you have to improve your business.

Smash Balloon Review – A Quick Glance at Each Product and Features

Smash Balloon gives users 5 different social feed plugin products to choose from:

Instagram Feed Pro

Instagram Feed Pro lets you add Instagram content to your website in real-time. Show visitors Hashtag feeds, Stories, tagged feeds, and more without making them leave your site.

Custom Twitter Feeds Pro

With Custom Twitter Feeds Pro, you can display live tweets on your site, create Twitter cards, combine multiple feed types, and more.

Custom Facebook Feed Pro

Custom Facebook Feed Pro lets you display Facebook statuses, photos, videos, playlists, links, and more on your website.

Feeds For YouTube Pro

Use Feeds For YouTube Pro to display YouTube videos on your website from your channel or someone else’s. Combine multiple feeds, display livestreams, filter video content, and much more.

Social Wall Pro

Social Wall Pro is a social media aggregator that combines all your channels into one social media wall on your website.

Depending on your active social media accounts and where your target audience spends time, you might only need a few of the above mentioned plugins. Or, if your audience and content are spread throughout channels, taking advantage of all of Smash Balloon’s products might be the right move for you.

Smash Balloon’s products are:

  • Easy to setup: It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and install Smash Balloon to your site.
  • Beginner-friendly: Because no technical knowledge is required, you don’t need to mess with any code.
  • Responsive: Each plugin works seamlessly with any WordPress theme and any device so your content looks great no matter what.
  • Customizable: Smash Balloon feeds adopt your website’s style by default so your branding and look isn’t affected. It also comes with tons of customization options so your feeds look exactly how you want them.
  • Updated in real-time: Don’t worry about manually updating and publishing the latest social content to your website because Smash Balloon performs real-time updates.

Installing and Activating Smash Balloon on Your WordPress Website

After you purchase your Smash Balloon product, download the file to your computer. You’ll also be given a license key that you’ll enter later to activate the plugin’s features.

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.

Then, click Upload Plugin.

Choose and upload the file you just downloaded from Smash Balloon and click Install Now:

Click Activate Plugin:

On the lefthand sidebar of your WordPress admin, you’ll now see a new tab called Social Feeds. Click on that:

At the top, click the License tab:

Enter the license key you received earlier and click Activate License. Your license will now show as active. At the top lefthand corner, click the Configure tab:

smash balloon configure

You can now connect your social media account to Smash Balloon and effortlessly stream your social content to your website.

Pricing for Smash Balloon

If you purchase one Smash Balloon product on its own, the prices are as follows for each plan:

  • Personal: $39.20
  • Business: $79.20
  • Developer: $119.20

If you want to take advantage of all of Smash Balloon’s products, you can purchase the All-Access Bundle for just $239.20.

Our Verdict on Using Smash Balloon for Your WordPress Site

When it comes to social media plugins, it’s clear that Smash Balloon is the top plugin option for WordPress. For most website and business owners, it’s important to share social updates with their audience. Smash Balloon takes the pain out of the process and makes it easy even for the least tech-savvy people to create a website they’re proud of.

Its smooth installation, beginner-friendly interface, and simplicity make Smash Balloon the best social media feed solution currently on the market. Its various pricing plan options make it a cost-effective solution for anyone wanting to improve their visibility, build brand credibility, and improve conversions.

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