SEO Booster Plugin for WordPress

SEO Booster Plugin for WordPress

SEO is one of those things that most business owners loathe. Trying to rank on Google is stressful, ranking factors can be confusing, and without in-depth SEO knowledge, it can often seem impossible. And if you don’t have the advertising budget of a large company, you have to find creative ways to get more value out of your SEO.

The SEO Booster plugin is a reliable option if you need help with your SEO.

Finding Your Audience
Finding the right keywords to reach your target audience takes some effort. But SEO booster makes that process a little easier by helping you determine which keywords are worthwhile.
The plugin has all the tools you’ll need to start ranking on Google. The basic version is free, while a premium version is offered if you want more features.

If you are just starting out with your SEO, this plugin is one you’ll want to check out.

Easy to Use
The installation is extremely easy. All you have to do is install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin.

The plugin is compatible with multiple sites, so if you manage multiple websites, you can use it across all of them.

It integrates well with other similar plugins such as Yoast SEO and SEOPress.

The developer support is reliable. If you ever have any questions, the support team is readily available to help you.

The interface is clean and well-organized. This makes it easy for you to track your SEO efforts, make changes, and improve them.

The plugin automatically turns keywords into links. While this isn’t a massive feature, it does save you time.

Tags and categories are added automatically. Categories and tags are an important way to improve your website’s navigation. Because SEO Booster does them automatically, it helps you stay on top of it.

The plugin monitors all the incoming traffic to your site. Now you don’t have to rely on Google Analytics as much.

It tracks backlinks, so you can see if you are receiving useful backlinks that will boost your SEO efforts.

Receive weekly reports recommending changes and other information. While these reports can often seen generic, they do spot small errors that are easy to fix. Definitely a plus.

One Flaw
However, like most plugins, SEO Booster does lock some of its better features behind a paid Pro version. These features include:

-Additional details regarding backlinks.
-Tracking crawler visits (i.e. telling me which pages were being indexed by the search engines).
-Exporting the search optimization data to a file.

That being said, $47 a year is a fair price to pay for such a service.


The SEO Booster plugin does its job fairly well. It provides you with access to many features for free, and offers a few premium features that are locked behind a paywall.
If you are a small business owner struggling with SEO.

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