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 Are you looking for the best WordPress malware removal plugins? Malware or malicious software is purposefully built to infect a website and compromise its functionality. It’s a threat to any website on the internet, and if your website is attacked, you need to take quick action to remove the malware. In this article, we’ll share […]


 Are you looking for the best WordPress captcha plugins? A WordPress captcha plugin or tool can help prevent spam comments on your website. Since spam commenting is a major issue, it’s recommended to add captcha to your WordPress forms and user registration/login pages. In this article, we’ll share some of the best WordPress captcha plugins […]


 Are you looking for the best B2B lead generation tools? Lead generation is a key factor in the growth of any business. The flow of new potential leads can increase your communication with the right audience and maximize conversions. With so many lead generation tools on the market, it’s difficult to select the right software […]


 Are you wondering why is WooCommerce not sending emails from your store? Emails are an important part of any business. But the most important part of email marketing is ensuring that your emails arrive where they belong: in your customers’ inbox. Otherwise, even the best-written email will be absolutely worthless. That’s why, in this article, […]


 Are you looking for the best architecture WordPress themes? Architects need a professional business website to display their services and previous work. It helps you get new customers and allows you to manage your business deals in one place. In this article, we’ll share some of the best architecture WordPress themes full of creativity and […]


 Do you want to create a Likert scale questionnaire to learn more about your audience? Likert scales are commonly used in surveys to take a quick poll of your users. It has more than just the standard ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ choices and gives users more space to express their opinion. A Likert rating scale helps […]


 Do you want to create a social media contest in WordPress? Social media is used by people from all over the world, and it can be a great source of traffic. You can engage your target audience on social platforms and bring them to your website. A social media contest can help with user engagement, […]


 Are you looking for a good WordPress Accessibility plugin for your website? By using a WordPress accessibility plugin, you make your website accessible to users with disabilities. These plugins make your site easier to perceive, understand, and navigate. In other words, accessibility plugins enhance the usability of your website and make it user-friendly for differently-abled […]


 Are you looking for a way to alert your customers about a discounted price in your WooCommerce store? Price drop campaigns show popup notifications when your brand reduces the price of a product. Sending your visitors alerts allows you to improve engagement and maximize sales on your website. In this tutorial, we’re going to show […]