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 Even the best bloggers occasionally struggle with writer’s block. Being successful demands that you not only generate a constant stream of ideas, but differentiate those ideas from the millions of articles that have come before (and millions of new posts each day). Creativity and inspiration are the driving forces behind visionary bloggers, but you can’t […]


 Increase your potential audience, attract more visitors or improve your conversion rates are all good reasons to get a translated WordPress websites. However multilingual and translations can be very painful when it comes to doing it for a website. You do not want to re-do and maintain your existing pages in all your translated languages. […]


 No one ever said running a website would be easy. If only I could grab a quick template, throw up a few images, type some words, and become a millionaire. Sadly, it isn’t the early 2000s anymore and running a successful website takes time, patience, and the right tools. For instance, since we all know […]


 It does matter what your business is: whether it is a store, a performance, or your own blog. There is a need to collaborate. Collaborations come in many forms with varying lengths of time. It can be a one-time gig or a business partnership that may last a lifetime. It is easy to identify the […]


 Wanting to produce great video content for you blog is one thing, but coming up with ideas is something else entirely. At times you may have tons of ideas that you feel would make for great videos, but at others you may draw a complete blank. If you want to come up with ideas for […]


  Full Rotation is a small animation company in the UK. This site is to showcase our animation portfolio and what we do. It’s different from many other WordPress layouts that need to show off video on the homepage. I have kept it subtle with a split vertical layout, video on the left made a […]


  6,500 icons drawn by hand We are proud to have created 6,500 pixel perfect icons. Drawn by hand and designed for perfection. Our icons can support any designer and developer. The post Pixel Icons appeared first on WeLoveWP.


  Creatink is an awesome looking, multipurpose powerful WordPress Theme with various UI elements and countless features, you can create a unique and productive website with the help of tons of features. This theme will be a great solution for business owners, artists, photographers, creative agencies, digital studios, personal freelancers. Since the theme is responsive, […]


 Do you feel like you’re writing website content with little impact? That people are reading but not connecting? For many ecommerce writers, there’s a gap between the ability to communicate and the ability to relate to clients in a meaningful way. Blogs should communicate expertise, but not in a highly technical way. Your tone needs […]


 Most bloggers will start their online platforms from a pure joy of writing. As their voice becomes increasingly popular in the virtual world, most will naturally begin to think about how to actually derive income from their blog. There are a few legal aspects to consider when starting a blogging business and it is advisable […]


  A professionally developed high quality WordPress theme for agencies, freelancers, corporate, small business, creative team, artist, photographer, blogger and many more with stylish portfolio, intuitive blog and conversion focused eCommerce features.


  Need one page website for agency? or portfolio? or even for blog ? Then this guy deft is one for you, has great capability to create a complete website in just one page, and comes with awesome features like Custom Google Maps, Adorable Animations, Ajax Navigation, One click Demo installer, responsive design and much […]


 If you run a WordPress website, you know how important it is to showcase high-quality images. But it isn’t always easy to get things setup properly, from sizing images, to creating grids, mastering image placement is a challenge that many WordPress website owners face. So, what do you do when you’re short on time and […]


  Creative Brackets is a Full Service Digital Agency from Sweden. Psst…not so cold as you think it is. Our goal is helping clients improve their business with the right communication over web platforms and networks. We think that good communication and collaboration with our clients is what we are all about since we prefer […]


  Photography portfolio of Andrew Clemente. Featuring landscape, aerial, and portrait photography. Prints and canvases available.


  Flipswitch was created for those aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, consultants and businesses that need ready-made company brands — ones that are good to go, right out of the gate. Short timeline? Trade show deadline? Big sales meeting? Need a credible corporate image? Flipswitch has just what you need to be brilliantly branded at the touch […]


  A beautiful clean and bright website that features subtle CSS animation and friendly graphics. Tones are muted and subtle.


  Morningscore is the SEO tool for leaders on the market. We made the website to illustrate the functionalities of a complex tool, in a simple way. When launching a high-end SEO tool, which is meant to be used by other agencies and c-levels, then the functionality of the design has to be flawless, […]


  Give your site a classic and elegant look with Linden’s clean and minimal design. Highlight your top posts, pages or portfolio item with the featured slider. Easily customize your fonts with the built-in Customizer feature which lets you choose from hundreds of free Googles fonts. The homepage is designed to show your latest posts […]


 Have you ever tried to deal with most web hosting companies’ customer service? That experience alone is enough to scare you away from those company for good. Seriously, it can be that frustrating! If you own a website, you know how frustrating it is when your server goes down and you are forced to sit […]