Need a WordPress multilingual website? Try Weglot Translate

Need a WordPress multilingual website? Try Weglot Translate

Increase your potential audience, attract more visitors or improve your conversion rates are all good reasons to get a translated WordPress websites.

However multilingual and translations can be very painful when it comes to doing it for a website. You do not want to re-do and maintain your existing pages in all your translated languages. The good news is you don’t need to handle separated and independent websites you can simply use a multilingual plugin. But which plugin choose? Try Weglot.

What’s Weglot Translate?

Founded in 2016, Weglot is a WordPress multilingual plugin to translate and manage your translations, while deploying and displaying your translated pages efficiently.

This plugin is already used by more than 20,000+ websites with more than 500+ five-star ratings on the official WordPress Directory. Actually, it’s the most 5-star rated translation plugin.


Add and setup Weglot in your WordPress website in minutes. You can install Weglot like any other plugins on WordPress (Click pn Plugin -> add-new -> install and activate).

Once installed and activated there are 2 mandatory parameters to finalize the installation (in your WordPress admin, in Weglot settings):

Languages: your main language and all the other languages you would to like to add
Your API key: to get your API key, you need to create a Weglot account here (it’s free, you only need to register with an email and a password)

Then, click on save and go to your homepage, you can already display your website in different languages.

Weglot provides a first layer of machine translations (from best providers available) that you’ll be able to manage.

Manage your translations

All your translation management happens in your Weglot account (the one you just created).

On your homepage you have a summary of all your information (languages added, number of translated words, number of visits on your translated pages).

Edit translations
As if you want to edit the translations provided by default you have 2 tool sto do that easily:

The translations list: In this part of your account you have your original content on the left and the related translations on the right side. If you want to edit a new translation, just change it and it will be saved automatically.

The visual editor: It lets you edit translations while being on your web pages. It means you can see your translations within the web page. You can click on any of your content and easily edit it.

Translations rules
You can also add translations rules that will automatically apply on all your content. You can choose to never translate a word or combination of words which it’s very useful for brand names, product names or some locations you would like to keep the same in all language.

You can also choose to always translate a word or combination of words in a certain way which is useful for specific vocabularies dedicated to an industry or an activity.

Professional translations
If you do not have in-house translators or local teams, and you want to get native/professional translations it’s also possible via Weglot.

You can select pages or strings you would like to order professional translations for and place your order. 48/72h after, it will be automatically integrated in your Weglot account and live on your website.

Thanks to Weglot, you can focus on what really matters, your content.

What are the main benefits of Weglot?

Which aspects of Weglot makes it one of the best solution for a multilingual WordPress websites available?

SEO optimized
Weglot will make sure that all your translated pages are detected and indexed by Google following its guidelines best practices.

Server-side translations: It means that is not a simple dynamic change (JavaScript) of your content that Google could not detect.

Unique and dedicated URL: Weglot will automatically create URLs for each version of your page, using subdirectories (/es for the Spanish pages for example)
Hreflang tags: Weglot will automatically add them in your source code, to make sure Google is aware that you have different versions of a page.

No manipulation of code source files
It’s simple, you don’t need any skills in coding to use this plugin. There is no needs to know how to manipulate sources files or anything else.

Being obviously compatible with WooCommerce, Weglot is also compatible with any WordPress Themes and Plugins. Thanks to its technical approach, Weglot does not require to have Themes or Plugins “Weglot ready”.

You have nothing to do, it’s just working with any WordPress website part.

You spent time optimizing your website in your own language to get the best performance possible, it should be the same for your translated versions.

With Weglot, there is no database or admin slowdowns, and Weglot is perfectly working with leading cache solutions, such as WP Rocket, WP Super Cache or WP Fastest Cache.


Weglot is a freemium solution with a 10-day free trial period. After this trial you can either stay in a free plan (for websites with 2,000 translated words and 1 extra language) or select one of the premium plans matching your needs.

The main pricing criteria are the number of your translated words and how many extra languages you want to add. You will find below the different plans available and their details:

Wrapping up
If you’re going multilingual, Weglot should definitely be part of your testing shortlist. In addition to their reputation (most 5-star rated WordPress translation plugin and 20,000+ users), the team behind Weglot managed to bring a powerful solution with key benefits:

-Turnkey solutions, easy to setup and use
-SEO optimized
-Compatible and powerful
-Backed by a dedicated team of experts

By the way, they have a 10-day free trial which makes it very easy and convenient to give it a spin.

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