Measuring your social media marketing campaign success

Measuring your social media marketing campaign success

Over past few years social media platforms have turned out to be not only a great way to build a relationship and trust with your customers but also a wonderful place to advertise your business. Nowadays social media marketing campaigns are one of the most effective advertising tools what was not expected at all a few years back when they were in early stages of existence. 

These campaign simply perform and enable to reach targeted customers easily, encourage them to visit your landing page (if you still don’t have it change it as soon as possible as you can very easily create landing page in wordpress!) and subscribe or purchase your product or service. No wonder that online entrepreneurs usually choose them to promote their products and invest in social advertisements a big chunk of their marketing funds. 

However, sometimes not all social media marketing campaigns work as they should and they do need some improvements. And to tell whether they work or not you need a way to measure its efficiency and difference they make for your business. There are a lot of ways to choose that but let me tell you about three of them you should definitely take into consideration.

Increasing number of followers

Let’s start from the most obvious and self-imposing one which is an increasing number of followers on Twitter or Instagram or likes on Facebook. If you see that the number is boosted you can be high and mighty of yourself as it means your marketing actions are effective and your efforts have brought fruits for your online business.

On the other hand, if your social marketing campaign has not caused any significant growth neither of likes nor followers, the next step to take now is to investigate what has gone wrong. You should think about the time when you experienced the biggest increase of likes or followers on chosen social media platform and define what was the reason behind it. Rethink it well and do your best to repeat that success.

Url tracking

Url tracking has not been been all the talk in the digital marketing world but over a past few years the concept has gained a lot of loyal supporters. The url tracking, which you can easily implement for your social marketing campaign with a url builder, has turned out to be quite mighty in perfectioning any advertising campaigns. Using this tool you are able to track the efficiency of your marketing actions and obtain valuable data such as what type of ads and on which social platform perform the best for your online business.

Url tracking tags show you with details how much traffic a chosen marketing action drives to your business website. This way you are able to easily differentiate whether it is really the ad you added on Facebook or maybe some other action like a recommendation from an Instagram influencer or a king of Twitter. With such an information you know what type of activities are most valued by your target audience and tailor your social marketing campaign to suit their liking.

Boosted reach of your social media platform

Checking your platform reach is actually checking the power of your business in social media. If it is mentioned frequently on social media, people talk about it, repost or share your posts and start discussions it means you are doing a great job! It is not necessary to have an outstanding reach on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platform – focus on most important one or ones that your target audience is most likely to engage in.

If you discover that your social media reach has increased it also means that a marketing campaign has proven to be a bluster. A boosted reach means an increasing number of people is getting engaged and interested in what you offer and be more prone to trust and purchase from you instead of the competitors.

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