Law Firm Expert Details The Top 4 On-Page Tips For Lawyer SEO Campaigns

Law Firm Expert Details The Top 4 On-Page Tips For Lawyer SEO Campaigns

The digital world has become more competitive than ever, and businesses of all sorts are racing to reach as many people as possible to increase sales. It’s become a known fact that consumers will resort to search engines and online resources to look for services or products they need, and studies show that most will just open Google to look for a plumber or a lawyer. This is why companies are investing a lot of money in search engine optimization strategies to generate more leads. But when it comes to a specific niche like law, attorneys need to play it differently because it’s such a competitive field. 

These are the Top 4 tips for lawyers SEO campaigns. 

1. Keyword placement

Keyword placement in general is one of the most important SEO practices, and it’s one that any business should carefully apply. But for lawyers, this is even much more important. When a person going through a divorce is on the hunt for attorneys, they will simply open Google and type ‘divorce attorney’ in Denver, for example. Or if they’re looking to get compensation after suffering an accident, they’d type “car accident lawyer in Denver.” This goes to show you the importance of having the right keywords in the right places, because if you don’t have words like “Denver” or “divorce” on your page, that person on the hunt for attorneys will never find you. 

This is why it’s crucial that you determine the relevant keywords to your firm, and then start planting them carefully on the pages of your website, with the help of an expert preferably. The more targeted and specific your keywords are, they higher you’ll rank on local search results, and the more you will be visible to people looking for legal help around you. This is how you generate relevant, targeted traffic that has a very high potential to land you cases.

2. Website optimization 

Before you are done by placing the keywords that will direct people to your website, you need to work on improving it and making sure it can provide visitors with a pleasant user experience. Understand that Google really cares about user experience, and it’s something taken into consideration in search engine ranking. So, you can’t have people getting frustrated from your landing pages, because they’d simply leave you and go to a competitor site. This means starting with on-page optimization, as explained on, so you could improve all aspects of your website. For starters, the pages need to have excellent loading speed. Studies show that people leave any website that takes more than three seconds to load, which means all your pages really need to be optimized or else you risk losing those potential leads. 

No one will wait for your home page to load, and you need to keep that in mind so you could achieve the best possible outcome. You also have to focus on site design and interface. Another reason why people lose hope in the pages and just moves on is how poor the design of the interface is. You can’t just have any amateur design those for you, but you should rather get the best in the market so you could present visitors with innovative designs and intuitive interfaces. It’s important to create the right balance between images and words –– visual stimulants are crucial for people –– and this is even more the case for lawyers who might be inclined to bombard site visitors with chunks of text. On a similar note, navigation has to be simple and smooth. If a person wants to contact you, they need to find the ‘contact us’ tab nearby and quite visible. The last thing you want is to lose potential clients because your sitemap is a mess. 

3. Content optimization 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to just how good the content on your website is. A problem many lawyers face is people get bored easily on their homepages, and they lose interest. If you dig a bit deeper, you’ll find that the homepage was a barrage of legal jargon and technical expressions that only an attorney could understand. Guess what, most people visiting your page aren’t attorneys, but normal people looking for legal help. If they can’t even understand what’s written on your homepage, why on earth would they reach out to you? It’s important that your content is simplified and easily accessible to the masses, because those are your target audience. 

Moreover, the content has to be relevant, interesting, and regularly updated. If you’re a DUI lawyer, for instance, having an article on your site discussing DUI laws in your country would be of great help and interest to your readers. That is the kind of material that would keep them intrigued and alert to what services you have to offer. The content also needs to be constantly updated, because fresh content is a sure way to keep people guessing and coming back. 

4. Use various SEO tactics

The great thing about SEO is the fact that it’s constantly evolving and newer approaches to reach more people and rank higher are always coming to life. But there are some essential strategies that are staples and are always good to use. You have backlinking, for example, which is when other reputable sites link back to yours. Having backlinks all over the internet, on respectable websites, is a testament to your quality, and it helps you rank higher. You should also use free tools like Google My Business, which is an online solution to help you establish your practice in a certain area, providing important details to future clients like location on Google Maps, address, phone number, specialty, working hours, and much more. 

Search engine optimization is how lawyers can generate leads, and most importantly keep them. The great thing about SEO is the fact that it’s a long-term strategy, so you won’t just be getting leads for now, but in the future as well if you did all the right things. The better a lawyer’s SEO campaign are, the more clients they’ll get, and the bigger they will grow.  Thus, here are the top 4 on-page tips for lawyer SEO campaign from law firm experts.

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