How to Rocket Fuel Your Blog to Generate Maximum Leads Through

How to Rocket Fuel Your Blog to Generate Maximum Leads Through

Having a business blog is a common thing, but the real challenge lies in developing a blog that generate leads and actually create active relationship with your customers.

Creating and publishing content on regular basis helps in building relationships with your readers. The relationships are built on trust and trust drives revenue.

However, a blog can become a Holy Grail for your business to generate more revenue by building more relationships and producing more leads. Following are the top 10 tips that can convert your blog into a lead generation machine.

#1. Blog Subscription: Knowledge is power. If you’re creating powerful information that can actually help people, they’ll definitely like to acquire it. Allow them to access such information by through subscription form on your blog. And in return you’ll have their email, which you can further utilize to produce sales.

You can place the subscription form anywhere on your blog design, actually, it should be easily visible to your readers. Have a look at The Daily Egg blog post to find out how they’ve put the subscription form to capture leads.

#2. Call to Action (CTA):  A ‘Call to Action’ is a button or link that you can place on your blog post to generate more leads of your business prospects by capturing their names and emails.

CTAs can be used in many styles on your blog with following wordings:
· Start a free trial
· Download free eBook now
· Get a free consultation
· Book your webinar

Make it connected by creating a personalized content for action copy by addressing or emphasizing on individual level. For a better understanding of a personalized CTA, please have a look at the following examples.

#3. Hello Bar: It is a tool for generating more clicks through notification bar. Hello Bar rocks when it comes to capture leads from your website landing page or blog homepage. However, it works perfectly fine on any page you wanted to target for lead generation.  

You can use it for any promotion such as for promoting an upcoming event in your organization, promoting a free download, or even you can encourage people to book their spot for an upcoming webinar.

Similarly, CardCash has applied Cyber Monday sale using Hello Bar at the top of their website and blog navigation.

Moreover, it will help you increase the effectiveness of your blog. Also, you can demonstrate how it will look on your blog/site before applying it.

#4. Lead Generation Forms: You can place Optin forms around your blog design. As there are many areas where you can easily introduce CTA to your viewers such as header, sidebar, footer, about page, and the end of blog post.

In fact, it can be at the middle of your blog post if you think the post is lengthy yet captivating. Similarly, if you’ve made it interactive by putting different interactive elements in it, you can smartly utilize CTA form pop-up by setting time on it. Time-delay pop-up is a good way to attract readers to your offer without annoying them.

However, Quick Sprout has implemented form beautifully to create CTA on their blog as you can see it below.

#5. Exclusive Content:  Exclusivity always attracts more customers by sharing exclusive information on your blog or website. So, it is advisable to create exclusive content on your blog to attract more visitors. Readers who trust on you will easily become your customers.

Also, your readers won’t mind to download some information if it is really unique. You can keep it gated or ask them for emails to get it download.

However, the best example of exclusive content marketing success is given by Blockbuster and Netflix. The two companies had the same technology, but ultimately, it was Netflix’s strategy that made them win over Blockbuster.

Netflix, the online video streaming service has differentiated itself by delivering exclusive content that other competitors aren’t. For example, you can’t watch Bloodline, Marvel’s Daredevil, Marco Polo, and Master of None anywhere else except on Netflix. So that’s how Netflix paved the road of success by pioneering a new model of content delivery.

“Content is the emotional and informational bridge between commerce and consumer.”

Also, we can say that content marketing is directly proportional to business revenue. That’s why marketers are much focused on creating and distributing content on continuous basis.

#6. Freebies & Perks: Who didn’t want to get some freebies or extra perks, especially when someone really likes your blog? It’s about trust that you’ve created by serving useful information to help people in sorting-out their problems.
Meanwhile, brands/businesses have to create such opportunities to serve the audience at best.

For example, ZDNet has placed some extra free perks on the right side of their post. They’ve highlighted the yellow text “YOURS FREE’’ in a more personalized style.

#8. Banner Ads: It’s a good way to grab attention on anything with the help of paid marketing banners. A well designed and strategically implemented ads can create a tremendous impact on viewers to generate huge leads for your business/brand.

However, Monks advised to showcase only relative ads with the blog post to generate more leads through.

#9. Webinar: By showing banners on upcoming events, marketers can generate potential leads for the business from the blog page. A very good example of this is shown by the leading digital marketers Neil Patel on his blog. He has shown webinar CTA at the bottom just above the footer.

When you click on the banner for claiming your spot, it takes you to another form, where you need to reserve a date and time by filling the form along with your name and email for reserving your spot for the webinar session. Only those readers who are actually interested in advanced customer acquisition will give their details by filling the form. That’s how smart marketer captures the potential leads.

#10. Answer Comments with CTA: Commenting is a good way to interact with your readers or prospects to generate useful and engaging relationships. So, next time when someone will ask a question on your blog post, you need to answer with a well-thought-out comment along with a CTA to the landing page from where they can download a detailed information about that subject in a form of an eBook or Whitepaper, etc.

Not all the blogs allow links in their comment box. Monks advised you to use power of commenting sparingly to unleash the treasure of leads.

Ultimately, we can conclude that establishing a fruitful blog is not an easy job as it takes a lot of efforts and time.

Let’s start creating excellent content to make it count. By executing above mentioned tips you can gas up and oil your lead machine.

Nick Patel is head of marketing at WebbyMonks, where he loves to explore cutting edge technology in the digital world. While not writing for technology, you can find him fishing, shooting with his camera or brewing coffee.

Original post: How to Rocket Fuel Your Blog to Generate Maximum Leads Through

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