How to Pick Effective Photos and Videos for Your Blog

How to Pick Effective Photos and Videos for Your Blog

When people think of blogs they often think of the written content, but for those in the business it’s clear that there is a whole lot more to consider than just the copy. Including photos and/or videos in your blog can help its Google rankings, get more attention from readers, and engage with visitors in a more effective way. If you’re convinced that your blog needs photos and/or videos but don’t know how to go about picking them, you’ll enjoy reading through these tips on how to pick effective content.


Tap Into Your Creative Side

Perhaps you took the steps necessary to design a website. Once you’ve got the website up and running, it’s time to start bringing in visitors and one way to increase traffic is to start up a blog. Blogs offer you an excellent way to share helpful information with visitors, feature guest posts from industry experts, and build your own brand and reputation in the industry. They allow you an opportunity to tap into your creative side, even if you didn’t know it existed.

Why are Videos and Photos Necessary?

So now that you’ve gone to all the work to pen the perfect blog you may be asking why videos and photos are even necessary. Aren’t your words enough? The simple answer is no, words alone aren’t enough. It is a fact that by adding videos and photos it will drive more traffic to your blog, and in turn your website.

Some other reasons you’ll want to include a photo or video is the simple fact that it is visually appealing. It can really help to drive home the message in your blog. Photos and videos tend to be shared through social media a lot more often than text, and let’s not forget if someone is performing an image search on a search engine your blog will then come up.

Factors to Consider

When picking that right image or video there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. The most important should be whether or not it is legal to use the image. Finding images on Google does not give you permission to use them! Instead, look for royalty free images on platforms like Pixabay. It can’t be some randomly selected photo that you thought was cute or funny. And lastly you want to make sure the image is high quality. There is nothing worse than a pixelated photo, or one that is out of focus.
You can use all these same sorts of criteria when picking a video for your blog.

Your Visuals are Ready

Now that you understand why it’s so important to have visuals in your blog, and you’ve considered all the important criteria, you’re ready to go ahead and post them. Photos and videos are a fun and effective way to engage with your visitors, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

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