How to Create a Popup Based on Location

How to Create a Popup Based on Location

Did you know that adding location-based popups on your site can improve conversions and boost sales?

Geotargeting, also known as location-based marketing, is the process of delivering content to visitors based on their location. For brick-and-mortar stores, it makes sense to use location targeting to send messages to local consumers.

But did you know that eCommerce businesses can also benefit from using location-based marketing? Even without a physical store, your eCommerce company can still reap the benefits of geotargeted popups.

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to create a popup based on location to increase sales and boost conversions.

But first, let’s dive into why geotargeting is so important.

Why Use Geotargeting on Your Website?

Using geotargeting in your popups comes with numerous benefits. Here are the top 3 advantages to location-based marketing:

1. Personalize Campaigns to Your Audience

Knowing your site visitors’ locations gives you insight into their pain points, interests, and needs. This data helps you better understand your customers so you can create relevant and highly valuable content and campaigns.

2. Build Trust and Credibility

Showing users on your site that you’re aware of their location also boosts your credibility and makes them feel more comfortable taking action. Knowing that your business can send them location-specific deals and content encourages them to continue browsing your site.

3. Gather More Customer Data

Additionally, location-based popups give you reliable, crucial information about your site visitors so you can improve conversions and generate leads. It’s easier to increase revenue when you offer suitable products and services to your target audience.

Now that we know why geotargeting is important for your conversions, let’s look at how to create location-based popups for your site.

How to Create a Popup Based on Location Using OptinMonster

For this tutorial, we’re going to use OptinMonster, the #1 lead generation and popup plugin for WordPress.

OptinMonster makes it easy for both beginners and experts alike to create location-specific popups that target users based on where they are.

Step 1:Create and Design Your Campaign

First, you need to download and install the OptinMonster plugin on your WordPress site. If you need assistance, check out our post on how to install a WordPress plugin.

OptinMonster makes it easy to create popup campaigns in just minutes without having to code or hire a developer. It’s super simple to set up from start to finish. Even better, its drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to customize your campaign exactly the way you want.

From your OptinMonster dashboard, click Create New Campaign:

create new campaign in optinmonster

Next, you’ll need to select your campaign type. We’re going with Popup:

After that, you can select a Campaign Template if you don’t wish to create your own from scratch:

On the lefthand side, you’ll notice that you can filter your template by goals. So whether you want to grow your email list or create a time-sensitive offer, OptinMonster allows you to specify your campaign goals to help you reach them faster:

When you find the template you want, hover over it and click Use Template:

Give your campaign a name and select the Start Building button:

From here, you have free reign to design your popup campaign however you’d like.

There are many ways you can design your popup campaign to match your branding and appeal to your target audience. OptinMonster’s inline text editor lets you add, delete, and customize text blocks in many different ways. Change your text’s colors, size, font, and more:

If you need extra assistance to create your popup campaign, feel free to check out our article on how to create a popup form in WordPress. It’ll show you how to create your campaign straight from the OptinMonster dashboard.

Next, you need to set your display rules.

Step 2: Set The Appropriate Display Rules

When you’re happy with the way your popup campaign looks, click Display Rules at the top of your OptinMonster editor:

By default, your campaign will show 2 options for your display rules:

  • Time on page is 5 seconds
  • Will appear on any page

We want to change the time on page rule so your popup appears based on location instead of time. To do this, click Physical Location:

From here, you can change your settings so your popup will or will not appear based on a user’s location. You can also include or exclude visitors in an EU country so your site remains GDPR compliant. You can learn more about how to add GDPR consent in popups and email optins.

Set your visitor’s location and click Validate:

When you do so, another screen will appear asking you to validate the location:

Click on the location and then select Next Step:

On the next page, you can further customize your settings. Make sure to show the campaign view as Optin and click Next Step again:

In the Summary tab, you can review your display rules to ensure they function on your site how you want them to. When you’re satisfied with your settings, click Save.

You’ve successfully created a geotargeted popup that will appear to visitors based on their location. But you’re not quite done yet.

Now, you need to ensure that your new subscribers are integrated into your email marketing service.

Step 3: Integrate Your Email Marketing Service

Once you’re happy with your campaign and have set the proper rules, you need to integrate it with your email provider. That way, you can start building leads and reaching out to potential customers with your new campaign.

We’re going to show you how to integrate your campaign with a regular email service provider as well as with Monster Leads, OptinMonster’s lead storage software. It saves and stores your subscribers’ data to filter your leads and send personalized content.

First, let’s go over how to integrate with your normal email marketing service.

At the top, select Integrations:

On the lefthand side, click Add New Integration:

Select your email service provider. For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll go with Constant Contact:

Select Register with Constant Contact to authenticate your Constant Contact account:

A new window will appear asking you to log into your account:

After you log in, it’ll ask you to allow OptinMonster to connect to your email service provider. Click Allow:

It’ll redirect you back to your OptinMonster dashboard. Add a unique label to easily identify your campaign and click Connect to Constant Contact:

Once it’s connected, select the email list you want to add your subscribers to:

When finished, click Save and you’re all done.

Now, let’s go over how to use Monster Leads to collect and store users’ data.

From your OptinMonster dashboard, head over to Integrations at the top:

Click on Monster Leads:

Next, configure your settings including your form name, notifications, and tags:

You should now be able to view your leads straight from your OptinMonster dashboard. Click Leads on the top navigation menu bar:

You’ll now see a list of leads you’ve collected from your campaign:

From there, all that’s left is to save and publish your campaign.

And hat’s all there is to it!

We hope you enjoyed this article. If so, feel free to check out our post on the best WordPress popup plugins. It goes into detail about the best WordPress popup plugins available so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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