How to Create a Blog Page in WordPress

How to Create a Blog Page in WordPress

After setting up your website, you’re probably wondering how to create a blog page in WordPress. You’ve setup your site with a few static pages like the home, about us, contact us, services and now you want a separate page that shows all your blog posts in one go.

WordPress is great at being both your static website and giving you a place to add your blog posts. To get started just follow this quick tutorial.

First create two pages on your site. From your admin area go to Pages–>Add New and name each page.

While creating the home page, if you are using a WordPress theme that has a Home template, you can choose it from the dropdown like this.

page attribute

The second page will be the page that holds all your blog entries. We’ll call this second page Blog. Like the home page, some WordPress themes will have a blog template from the dropdown. If yours does, select that and publish your page.

Next, go to your Settings–>Reading area and look for the Front Page display area. Change the radio button “A static page” and select the front page and blog page from the dropdown menus. Then save changes.

blog page

Now you can visit your website and you’ll see the home page is the one you just chose.

Add the Blog Page to Your Menu

You blog posts are also showing on your blog page, but we’ll need to add the page to your menu so you can access it easily.

From your admin area go to Appearance–>Menus, check the Blog page and click Add to Menu, then click Save Menu.

You’ll now be able to access the blog page from your main menu on your site.

I hope this article helped you learn how to create a blog page in WordPress. For feedback and questions please leave us a comment or reach us on twitter @ThemeLab.


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