How to Choose the Right Logo For Your Blog

How to Choose the Right Logo For Your Blog

Are you the proud owner of a blog? Maybe you started the blog as a side project or out of necessity. It may be based on the power of content or on your personal reputation or even the unique branding you boast of. Every blog needs to have their own unique and individual identity to stand out. This is where your Logo which is part of your brand identity comes in. In this article, we will be taking a look at how you can choose just the perfect logo for your blog.

Let’s get some things straight. A logo is not your header, so don’t mix them up. A logo can be a header but in general, it is a better idea to keep them separate. What is a logo though, you may ask? A logo is any visual, symbol or name your customers recognize you by. It isn’t necessary to have a logo but it always helps if you have some solid branding in place.

What are some common features some of the best logos have?

1. They look good in any size
The most important thing about a logo is its scalability. A logo has to look good on a web banner, a visiting card or even a hoarding. Make sure your logo is highly scalable and looks good in all sizes.

2. They look great in color or monochrome
All logos should look good in color as well as in monochrome black and whites. If your logo has an abundance of color ensure that the logo will still look good if all the color was taken away from it.

3. They are adaptable
Seasonal logos are in trend, make sure your logo will look good wearing a Santa hat for Christmas or incorporate any other festive tradition without losing its shape and form. Can your current logo do that?

4. They can be easily recognized without any words
A logo should be recognized without any words just like numbers. You can have a version of your logo with words but even without them, it should be recognized by your readers.

5. They have Appropriate typography
Fonts are important. They are much more important than you would imagine and you should always ensure your logo has the appropriate typography.

Importance of a Good logo

A good logo is extremely important even if you have a personal blog. Just because people like Seth Godin have been able to turn their names into their blog’s identity doesn’t mean you will be able to do too. Here are a few key things a good logo helps you with.

1. Brand Loyalty
A good logo evokes brand loyalty and facilitates brand recognition which is always good. As your blog grows in popularity so will your logo and people will start recognizing it wherever they come across it.

2. Differentiates you from your competition
A logo helps you differentiate you from your closest competitor and gives your blog its own individual identity.

3. Communicates your Values and Beliefs
A logo helps your customers know what to expect from you before they have any sort or form of communication with you. This helps them establish better trust over time.

Should you Use your Initial for your Logo?

If your blog is about you then the logo for the blog can contain your initials or even your name but in general, it is better to separate the church and the state that is to say it is better to have individual identities. If you still wish to have your initials in there here are a few quick tips to help you add in your initials:

-Tips to incorporate your initials in your logo
-Experiment with different sizes
-Don’t be afraid of different kinds of formatting. Go bold, italics or even inverting the initial
-Shape it up. Add your initials inside some kind of a geometric shape,
-Use multiple fonts
-Use any patterns that may occur in your name.

How to Choose or Design a Logo For your Blog

There are a number of ways you can get a logo for your blog. Some of them are

1. Design it Yourself

If you have a knack for designing things then you can design your logo yourself with the help of tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe stock. A logo which you will design for yourself will be authentic and will act as an extension of your personality however keep in mind that it isn’t easy to design something. So proceed with caution.

2. Let Technology help you

There are a lot of Artificial intelligence powered logo makers available for you to choose from the best one of them is Tailor Brands which is what I recommend and use myself. Thanks to the power of technology getting professional grade logos and brand identity have become extremely easy and affordable.

3. Hire a Professional

A professional digital artist, when commissioned a custom logo, will become an expensive proposition for your blog but if you are dedicated to the blog and it is also making you good money then this would be a good option to consider. If you are just starting out I recommend using one of the AI powered logo makers or designing the logo yourself.

Some Things to keep in mind while selecting a professional
Check their previous works and see if you enjoy their design ideology
Check their testimonies and talk to their previous happy clients
Be specific about how you envision your brand and communicate with them your vision effectively.

4. Get a cheap logo from one of those freelance job boards

This is one of the most ineffective ways of getting a logo but sometimes it just works. Many freelancers post their offerings on job boards like Fiverr and UpWork so if you are that desperate to get a logo then go hunting there hoping to find a good designer who doesn’t yet know their worth.

How often should I change my Logo?

Honestly speaking, you should not change your logo often. If you don’t have consistency then people perceive your brand to be very unstable which is a bad thing. In my opinion, changing the logo every 5 to 10 years is good since it keeps your work fresh while allowing your customers enough time to recognize you and the changes you have made in the past.

So this was our guide on how you can choose the right logo for your blog, do let us know in the comments below how you liked this guide and feel free to ask any questions if you may have for us.

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