How I got 150,000 organic views to my video on Facebook in just 2 Days

How I got 150,000 organic views to my video on Facebook in just 2 Days

I was wondering and exploring about the tricks and tips to drive traffic to my recently started blog website, With two years
of experience in copywriting and advertising, I am not a newbie to blogging and digital marketing. I used to blog for an e-commerce startup called Bro4u and have written more than 200 articles on various categories like home decor, lifestyle, city life, health and more. It was a great experience to explore and write on various topics and as a writer, I believe in the quote said by an Indian writer, Mr.Yeshwanth Chitthal that says, “ I do not write what I know. I write to know.’

Having said this, I believe in creating the content that my audience loves to read. So, without making much delay, I’ll quickly jump to the
point and share my experience of how I got 1,50,000 organic views to my video on Facebook in just 2 days.

No Big Followers

Firstly, I would like to say that my Facebook page has only 5000 followers and I have not spent a single penny on my video. One day, I
read that videos are the easiest way to reach masses and Facebook prioritize video over a blog article or an image post. With this thought in my mind, I went on to create a simple video but my immature video making skills tried to stop me but I didn’t.

I thought, what if I convert my article to a video. So, I took one of my highly viewed article ‘10 signs you are living in Namma Bengaluru’
(Bengaluru is a metro city of India where I live in) and converted it to a simple slideshow video.

Converted my Article to a Video

As I didn’t have video making/editing skills, I chose to do it using an Android App and luckily I got one called ‘Slideshow Maker’. Within 20
minutes, my video was ready. What next? I posted it on my Instagram handle and I just got 5 views as my fan following on Instagram was too less to mention.

This point in the life of a marketer is crucial. If plan ‘A’ doesn’t work then switch to plan ‘B’. My plan B was Facebook. In my 2 years of
experience, I had figured out that FB group marketing is one of the effective ways to drive viewers

I quickly drafted engaging lines and posted the video on my FB Page and then through the page, I started sharing it with the relevant FB
groups. That’s it. People started reacting to it and the rest is a miracle for me. One of the popular Bangalore pages has shared my video
and I got 1,50,000 views, 2k shares, 200+ tags and 58 comments. The video went viral and literally, I couldn’t believe it.

You can visit Fb Page of Metrosaga to view the video.

Let me share what went right with this video in 5 simple points

1. Relevant Content to relevant audience

Always ensure that you are writing for your audience. Identifying the target audience for your creation plays an important role. Whatever
you create, promote in the place where you think your audience are there. If your audience wishes to eat Burger then just prepare a burger. Do not try to feed them a Chicken Curry.

2. Keep it Simple

While writing or creating a video, make sure that you keep things simple in it. Do not use jargons. Speak in a language that your audience
will understand and relate to.

3. Brand vs Information

A video which has more brand orientation to it will rarely go viral. Always create your content strategy in a way that it delivers a useful
information or make people move emotionally. If you are telling an interesting story or if you are sharing unknown facts then people will definitely engage with your work. Always, the content and brand should be in the ratio of 9:1. Do not try to impose brand or try to advertise more. It is good to dedicate the last slide for your brand and the rest of your video should talk content.

4. Video Headline and the Cover image

If people are clicking on your video then 90% of the share goes to your headline and the cover image. Spend more time on your headline
and the cover image.

5. Ask the influencers to share your video

There are social media pages with good followers who might share your video/blog. Approach the relevant pages and request them to share your work on their page. This will help you to reach a wider audience in no time.

I hope that you found this helpful. If you wish to check my blog then visit

Original post: How I got 150,000 organic views to my video on Facebook in just 2 Days

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