Here Are Some Awesome Advice for Small Business Starters

Here Are Some Awesome Advice for Small Business Starters

With the overwhelming amount of information and suggested strategies out there, many startups struggle to figure out exactly how to grow their businesses. This is made even harder with the overwhelming amount of information and suggested strategies that is out there. Sometimes business owners will try to incorporate too many strategies at once while not seeing any results. 

Assuming you have a good business idea and an end goal, some focus and guidelines can get your business growing.  

Don’t dismiss network scalability 

Whether you are selling a product or a service in the early stages, starting small is key. Start with your immediate network of people who are willing to use your product. This is very straight forward advice, but a lot of startups don’t pitch to their network believing that they will not be able to scale their business as their numbers seem very small. However, they are essentially dismissing the potential of compound growth. Smaller numbers can have higher percentage growth, meaning if you have 50 customers now, you can expand on that at a 10% growth weekly, and the numbers will add up quickly. 

Have an effective marketing strategy

Effective marketing is key to increasing your sales and building awareness for your brand.  You can market your products and services in many ways, but the key is to know which strategy will be effective for your business and your target market. Having an awesome business website and social media presence is crucial. However, you’ll need to incorporate a more effective marketing tool, such as SEO, early on  to expand your online presence. 

SEO tools can increase your sales and bring qualified potential customers to your site and increases conversion rates. Take it from Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, King Kong, whose motto is “The strategist always kills the Tactician” which confirms that having an effective marketing “strategy”, including a targeted SEO campaign is essential in building your business organically in the long run. 

Focus on customer service 

Your business is based on customers and clients. However, lots of startups put their focus only on their product or service while completely overlooking that good customer service from the get-go is as equally important. Implementing good customer service can be easier early on, as you are still able to focus on your small client base and personalize your transactions. Have a strategy in place to ensure Customer service continues to be superior as your organization grows.  

Word of mouth 

So now that you have an effective marketing plan and good customer service, news of your business will most likely start to spread through “Word of Mouth”. No matter what the size the size of your company is, word of mouth marketing can be the most valuable form of marketing, and you can’t buy it.  Online reviews and reviews we hear from the people around us are the main drive behind any purchase decision. So, building a good reputation is essential to the success of your business.

Keep in mind that most small businesses will be relatively unknown in the beginning.It’s through good customer service, word of mouth and a strong online presence that you can grow your business, no matter how good your product is. Remember that you’ll  be constantly competing for these customers in the marketplace, so there will always be hard work to do. The above tips are only to help you along your way. 

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