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We came across this unusual beauty today after perusing the Really Good Emails Newsletter (Which, is in fact, REALLY GOOD.  If you don’t subscribe to it yet, here is the link). As they discuss in their YouTube review, the site doesn’t follow any formal style you normally see from a finance site, which actually makes it AWESOME.  By going against the grain with their design, using an extremely colorful palette, images, and psychedelic tones, it really makes things interesting.  The horizontal navigation is bright with large type with a different color for each item. The homepage has one large recent post along with a grid of post’s.  My favorite part is probably the hovers on the post’s where you see a trippy overlay for each.  The mobile navigation doesn’t fail on the boring side either, featuring a full screen bright pink background and yellow text.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be signing up for their newsletter!

Here are a few more screenshots:

animated screenshot of hacking finance homepage


Mobile view

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