Facebook Ads Manager vs Power Editor – The Ultimate Comparison

Facebook Ads Manager vs Power Editor – The Ultimate Comparison

This “Facebook Ads Manager vs Power Editor” comparison comes after a series of digital analytics tools use cases and comparisons.

We will try to help you to choose from the two main Facebook advertising tools that help online marketers all over the world to advertise their businesses and online stores. By using those tools, we marketers spent more than 26 Billion dollars on Facebook advertising last year.

We better, optimize our spent by choosing the right tool…

If you are a familiar or just starting with Facebook Advertising and you have a little confused with the tool very similar Facebook Advertising tools, Ads Manager and Power Editor. This ultimate comparison is for you.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads manager is the simplest and easiest tool to manage, create and optimize your Facebook ads. My wife use Facebook Ads Manager to create her natural products online store marketing campaigns. She found it very simple and easy to use for a small business.

Recently, Facebook Ads Manager had extensive updates and releases with features very similar to Power Editor (another Facebook Ad management tool). It is still the “go to” tool for 90% of the advertisers.

Power Editor

Power Editor is an advanced tool for managing ads on Facebook. Compared to Ads Manager, it possesses various advanced functions enabling to perform multiple actions simultaneously and to work with ads more effectively than with Ads Manager. Mostly experienced advertisers managing advanced and more difficult campaigns use Power Editor.

Power Editor is a Facebook advanced advertising tool designed for larger advertisers who want to manage, create, edit and publish multiple ads simultaneously. With Power Editor, you can:

Manage multiple ads at once: Create, duplicate and edit multiple ads in your account.

Import ads using Excel: You first download an import template from Power Editor to Excel, then, you fill the information needed for your ads you manage to create. Lastly, you import your file to Power Editor.

Search and Filters: by searching and filtering the data, you will be able to find quickly the specific campaigns, ad sets or ads in Power Editor.

If you are familiar with Google AdWords, it is like AdWords Editor. You just do not need to download it to your computer.

The ultimate comparison

Now, let me share with you how each tool works. We will see how to create, edit and publish campaigns, ad sets and ads. In addition, how the Analysis and Optimisation process works on both tools.

New features

Facebook tend to push the new releases and updates to Power Editor first. Facebook team will replicate a couple of those updates into Facebook Ads Manager (not all of them). As an advertiser and up-to-date marketer, I prefer to try any new features in time. Power Editor never disappointed me on this exact need.

Creating you campaigns, ad sets and ads

Facebook Ads Manager:
Creating campaigns, ads and ad sets with Facebook Ads Manager is very simple, it almost a tutorial. For a campaign, you just need to read the information, select you campaign objective, follow the instructions by adding the creatives such us images or videos. It is the perfect tool for you beginners.

Power editor:
In the other hand, Power Editor is more advanced you can create ads in bulk, and see them all together in the same time, by uploading an excel file. It is also possible to duplicate campaigns right from the user interface.

Other very useful features for advertisers with many campaigns running in the same time is the Search and Filters functionalities. Using search and filters, you can filter and see a specific segment of your running campaigns to work on them all together.

Editing you campaigns, ad sets and ads

With both tools, you will be able to edit your campaign in both.

Facebook Ads Manager:
Again, because Facebook Ads Manager is simpler. It is smart to use it for any small change for a single campaign or two. For example, when you would like to change an image for a very specific campaign.

Power editor:
However, if you manage to change the description of many campaigns. It is a good idea to use Power Editor; you will be able to filter, navigate and changes your campaigns faster. Power Editor, as an advanced tool it is your best friend when you have the same change to do for multiple campaigns or ads. As an advertiser, Power Editor allows me to save a lot of time and use it on the analysis and discovery phase.

Results Performance and Analysis

Facebook Ads Manager
When it comes to results details, Ad Manager is a champion. The tool do not just present the results of your campaigns, it present the stats with a lot of details and segments.

Things like genders or age’s performances is very useful to help us rework our campaign audience for example and focus more on the performing genders or ages.

Daily Trend
In addition, looking at your marketing campaigns in a trending day-by-day chart will help us to see the trends, and which days we should target to reach our audience in their best days. What is better than showing an office utility ad to our customers on Monday?

Yes, you can customize the metrics you want to see.
You can choose from reach, impressions, amount spent and link clicks to change the metric you see in a section, click the arrow icon next to the metric name and select a metric from the list.

Compare performance

Was the month of May better than April? Are we doing a good progress? This is the main benefit from comparing dates performances. In Facebook ads Manager, you can simply do this by clicking on the date range drop-down menu, selecting Compare and choosing the dates that you want to compare.

Saving Reports
Saving custom reports is necessary feature to save our hard work on customization and building the best-fit reports. This saves us tremendous time. Imagine things like the morning times spent on building the same results custom report and look at the daily performance.

It is very simple to save.

Power Editor
Well, in this Power Editor and insights phase Power Editor fails. It show just the basic results and conversions. To be fair, Power Editor is not an insight too. Its name says it all. It is an editor.

Power Editor exists to help experienced marketer to create and edit their Facebook marketing campaigns efficiently. However, to get a close look at each campaign results, instead of Power Editor, you better, open a Facebook Ads Manager Tab on your browser.
Do not loose faith, Power Editor still show your campaigns basic results in case you want to stick with it?

The Ultimate choice

It is simple, both tools exists for a specific reason. Even you can do most of your basic campaigns management tasks in both tools. You should consider Power Editor for creating, editing and managing your Facebook campaigns and ads. However, to measure the success and analyse the results, you had better move to Facebook Ads Manager.

One exception to this, if you are a beginner and just starting your Facebook advertising journey. Go and enjoy Facebook Ads Managers guided and easy to use features.

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