Effective Tips to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

Effective Tips to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

The internet paved the way for easily accessible information anytime and anywhere. While this proves to have several benefits, it also poses certain risks because there are instances wherein even minors get to access content that are not meant for their young eyes to see. Thus, here are some effective tips on how to keep your child safe from the harms and risks that comes with internet access.

Monitor your children’s online activity

True enough your children need privacy as individuals, but in the same manner, they also need protection because more often than not, they are blinded from the dangers that the internet may bring. In order to do so, leverage on the advancements in modern technology and install spyware on their mobile phones that will allow you to monitor their online activity from their iPhone or any other smartphone. It is quite challenging to draw the line between giving your children the privacy that they need and protecting them from the dangers of the internet, but just keep in mind that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Another less intrusive way of monitoring your children’s online activity is by placing the computers in the common areas of your house. As much as possible, restrict your kids from having computers in their own rooms. This is because sometimes, the mere presence of an adult while they are using the computer will keep them focused on what they are using the computer for and not for any other activity.

Lay down rules

Another thing that you can do to keep your child safe on the internet is by laying down rules such as setting a reasonable time and usage limit. For instance, allow them to have their gadgets or be in their computers for entertainment purposes only during the weekend and not on a school day. You can be flexible on this rule by excluding their research for their homework as part of their time limit, but just ensure that they are really using the computer for their studies and not for anything else.

Another rule that you can impose is to restrict your children from giving out personal information or entertaining a face to face meeting. Reiterate the old but popular rule of not talking to strangers, even online. Children may not immediately understand the risk of giving out their personal information, which is why it is best to discuss the dangers of the web with your children. Sit down with your children and openly discuss the dangers of the internet, as well as the things that they need to avoid.

In parallel, constantly remind them that online chat rooms are forbidden because chat rooms are usually where offenders target their next victim. Aside from this, never let your children upload or download photos without your consent and contact the police if your child receives any suspicious photos from an online buddy.

Spend time online with your kids

You will never know what your children do online unless you get to spend time with them in the virtual world. Try surfing or browsing the web together or as a family to be able to have a good idea on what ticks the interest of your child. It is best if you can spend some time with your children and help them with their homework by searching for information online together.

Expand your knowledge

Change is inevitable and this world is constantly changing, becoming more and more modern and automated. It goes without saying that the internet is here to stay and this is a good reason why you need to expand your knowledge and learn more about computers and the internet to be able to know how you can keep your child away from its dangers. You can also look into parental controls that may allow you to block or filter internet content such as ISP, or internet service provider parental control. These parental controls can often be set up in different types of computers powered by different operating systems, which is why it is important to expand your knowledge about computers.

The emergence and continuous development of the virtual world is inevitable. In this day and age, everything and anything can already be found online. While this is truly advantageous, it can also cause harm, especially for your children who come across information that proves to be too complex for their young minds to comprehend. Thus, this entails the need for parents to ensure the safety of their children, even on the internet.

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