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Matt Mullenweg, the overall product lead for core releases in 2017, has published an overview for what users can expect in WordPress versions 4.9 and 5.0. After the success of 4.8 and the initial release of Gutenberg last week, Mullenweg is aiming to see the plugin installed on 100K+ sites during the next few months […]

Rating a simple and fast multilanguage lib for jQuery. Put the attribute tkey in each element you want to translate: <p tkey=”string-key-example”></p> Modify the lang json files, having one translated string for each tkey in each language file: “string-key-example” : “Example string in English” Load jquery.js and lang.js at the end of the HTML file: […]

WordPress tip

Even if you’re careful when approving new comments, sometimes you might just forget to visit the commenter url and detect a long time after that the linked site is spammy. Here is a very easy way to bulk delete all comments with a specific url, using a simple SQL query.

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