Business Mistakes to avoid as a blogger and a freelancer

Business Mistakes to avoid as a blogger and a freelancer

How often do you find yourself stuck in an unwanted business situation?

Like, sending an accurate bill seems tough?

Getting unpaid for the hours you spent on the project but could not track?

These and many more business problems are common when you’ve just entered the freelance and blogging business.

Half of the time you’re struggling to put your business into the place than actually curating something creative.

As a freelancer you must have found out that clients do overlook or tend to take undue advantage of your work.

Most freelancers and blogger complain of being underpaid for their talents. Such forum discussions are common and people have different opinions to it. Some ask you avoid working with such people again. Whereas, others ask for legal actions.

But do you realise, all such incidents you would have easily skipped if you have avoided some business mistakes. In your conscious call of being highly professional with your clients, some holes were left uncovered unconsciously.

Let us have a look at the most common business mistakes that freelancers and bloggers commit without realising. And how you can intelligently avoid them:

Never take too many projects at the same time!
Earning money is a brilliant idea. And, when you see plenty of cash flowing in, you would want to grab all of it. But, taking too many projects at the same time will overfill your table leading to consequences later on. You will miss the deadlines, compromise with quality and miss details.
Hampering your business and reputation, ultimately! Taking up too many projects is a bad idea.

Never give false hopes.

Falls under your umbrella or no? Convey clearly! Just in order to grab a project giving out false hopes is a big no no. for example: if you’re a freelance content writer, tell only your client about your capabilities as a content writer. Do not indulge into their graphic designing requests too. That is not your niche. Avoid wasting your own and client’s time later in the project.

Do not get underpaid!

Nobody in the business can pay you less that your caliber until you allow them to take undue advantage. Many bloggers in the beginning just give their business a kickstart offer some of their best talents at dirt cheap prices. Avoid that strictly! Research the market well, check standard prices, set your charges and then negotiate.

It is important to value your activities and time as much you value your clients.

One man army- bad idea!

Are you planning to draw the entire line from the dot by yourself? Bad idea! A project has various tasks related to it. As a single army you cannot do all of it together. Just like yourself, contact other freelancers and outsource some of the work. This way you would be able to complete the task as well as earn some additional projects too.

Overlooking professionalism!
Staying professional with your business is a conscious call. Big or small, multi-staffed or a freelancer, realising the power of professionalism in the business can turn tables.

People who are more professional can never be taken for granted. Make sure your communications are professional, mails are well read, you invoice them right and have set methods of payment. To easily achieve all of this together opt for an invoicing software for freelancers. It is most basic need for any business. The best invoicing software for freelancers will fulfill all of your business needs under one umbrella, you can create professional looking invoices with pre-designed templates, send it to clients via mail, and accept payments online. Simple, quick and professional. Go, give it a try!

Don’t get hyper!
Do not get hyper if the client demands changes again and again. Try and creating a perfect masterpieces as per their desires. But, if you still feel the demands are getting bit irrational call, meet and talk them over the project calmly. Getting super hyper for pitty situations is not the right kind of attitude. Communication is the key! Remember always!

Never Miss Deadlines.
While you’re doing all of the hard work to keep your client happy and get paid superfast, make sure you’re never laid back from your end. Never miss the deadline that you have decided to complete the projects. As missing deadlines lead to frustration and delays and consequences later on.

It is okay to skip deadlines once or twice because of changes, but such incidents should never be repeated.

Not keeping a clear track of project!
Time is money! Remember to track time efficiently if, you want to get paid accurately. Use the same invoicing software for freelancers to track time and bill your client. It is easy, isn’t it?

Hope you’ve read that well. A good businessman is the one who follows lessons by heart.

I am Veronika Tandon, Sr. Business Consultant for Invoicera. It is the world’s leading online invoice software with a userbase of more than 3 millions. Invoicera has always been chosen by businesses all over the world because of its distinct features and value added services. Connect with @invoicera on Twitter.

Original post: Business Mistakes to avoid as a blogger and a freelancer

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