BigCommerce for WordPress: A Scalable Ecommerce Solution

BigCommerce for WordPress: A Scalable Ecommerce Solution

After hours upon hours of hard work, you’ve now grown your WordPress site into a content powerhouse. Your next step is to turn it into a money-making machine.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your WordPress website’s content and design when launching an ecommerce store.

The team at BigCommerce, in collaboration with Modern Tribe, recognized the need for a seamless ecommerce solution for WordPress websites. Together they built BigCommerce for WordPress.

What is BigCommerce for WordPress?

BigCommerce for WordPress is a WordPress ecommerce plugin which adds fully customizable ecommerce functionalities to the website you’ve already built.

Rather than starting from scratch, the headless plugin works with your website’s existing WordPress themes and connects them with your web host to provide a consistent shopping experience for users. This means there’s no need to spend time reworking or redesigning your new online store; it will already look perfect.

Plus, thanks to the plugin’s wealth of features, you receive an easy-to-use and understand front-end application through WordPress.

You’ll never have to rely on extra resources or outside applications to manage your inventory, deal with servers, or negotiate with payment processors. Everything you need to run your store is operated via a single control panel in BigCommerce for WordPress.

BigCommerce for WordPress makes ecommerce easy, scalable, and for everyone.

Why Choose BigCommerce for WordPress?

Sure, there are other ecommerce platforms, ecommerce plugins, open source solutions, and free website builders on the market.

But none provide the completely streamlined and customized capabilities of BigCommerce. Due to the plugin’s “headless” design, it provides a multitude of benefits for brands, developers, and companies working to reach their ecommerce goals.

Completely Customizable
Your online store should provide shoppers with an uninterrupted shopping experience through captivating website design, blog content, and user experience. Since BigCommerce for WordPress integrates with most existing WordPress website themes, you are able to customize your store to appear and function exactly as you desire.

With BigCommerce for WordPress, there’s no need to worry about your shop’s functionality messing up the appearance and flow of your site. Plus, you’ll spend less time finagling with the theme and more time growing your sales.

Also, the plugin values and supports the WordPress way of offering complete access to key plugin files. You can override plugin files for total customization of your store. AMP pages can also be used to improve the speed of your BigCommerce for WordPress online shop and provide a pleasant online experience for shoppers.

BigCommerce for WordPress is also Gutenberg compatible, making it accessible for all users, regardless of which version your website currently uses.

Streamlined Ecommerce Functionality
Everything you need to successfully operate an online store is included in the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin. There’s no need for WordPress tutorials or juggling multiple systems and applications to operate a single store.

Free up your time and server space by accessing all aspects of the ecommerce process, including:

Inventory Management
Mobile Ecommerce Design
Payment Processing
Shipping and Fulfillment Operations
Security and PCI Compliance
Website Analytics and Conversion Rate Tools
Order Management
Email Marketing Integrations

And, the ecommerce plugin allows for multi-site management from a single control panel. Scale your ecommerce business and generate sales from multiple websites without the hassle or headache.

Plus, by having more built in functionality than other WordPress ecommerce plugins, say goodbye to multiple plugin/application subscription fees for various parts of the ecommerce funnel.

Instead, free up valuable resources you can invest elsewhere in your business.

Multi-Channel Selling

Today’s dynamic ecommerce platforms requires companies to be competitive. Using the BigCommerce control panel, businesses can also cross-sell their products simultaneously on major markets such as Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, eBay, and more. Selling on multiple channels within WordPress is an excellent strategic ecommerce marketing tactic to drive more sales.

The ability to reduce ecommerce inventory errors through automatic inventory syncing and cross-referenced order and fulfillment management capabilities makes multichannel selling simple.

Secure Peace of Mind

The internet is becoming an increasingly scary place full of compromised personal information. The last thing you want is for your ecommerce solution to be vulnerable to attacks. Shoppers will not trust an ecommerce store that doesn’t protect personal and banking information with the latest security software.

Fortunately, BigCommerce for WordPress assists your online store with every aspect of providing a secure shopping experience including PCI (Payment Card Industry) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

Providing shoppers with a secure experience and payment processing solution leads to satisfied shoppers who turn into loyal customers.

Scale Your Ecommerce Efforts

Due to its design and myriad features, BigCommerce for WordPress provides website owners with a scalable ecommerce solution. As your company and ecommerce sales grow, the plugin adapts to meet your needs.

This scalability is possible thanks to the plugin’s “headless” design and development. These types of plugins are generally faster and use less memory to operate. This means when you create a website, you won’t be slowed down by endless background operations and tasks, bogging down the front-end experience for shoppers.

Plugin users are able to load and manage unlimited products, hundreds of SKUs per product, and more with ease. As your store grows, so do the capabilities of BigCommerce for WordPress. The possibilities are endless as you scale your operations.

Also, by using a single online portal within BigCommerce, your website won’t be overloaded with extra files, applications, and other shared resources. Instead, you’re able to successfully scale your ecommerce business as needed without worrying about site speed or server resources.

Plus, with the plugin’s “out of the box” ecommerce functionality, it also connects directly to existing websites via the BigCommerce network of apps and catalogs of fully-integrated payment and shipping methods. On top of customizing your shop’s front-end appearance, you’re able to easily tailor your shipping, handling, payment, and other settings to meet your business’ needs.

Save on Processing Rates
Anyone who’s dealt with accepting credit cards online knows how much of a nuisance the fees can be.

By partnering with BigCommerce for WordPress, you can save with the lowest pre-negotiated processing rates. The plugin also integrates with BrainTree to provide competitive rates with PayPal, Apple Pay, and Visa Checkout for a secure and affordable checkout process. For a more advanced checkout, you can implement an ecommerce checkout tool like Satalytics, mobile-first design, and even esignature software to increase sales.

BigCommerce for WordPress: Making Ecommerce Accessible and Scalable for All
While ecommerce was once troublesome for WordPress websites, the simple but powerful BigCommerce for WordPress functionality opens the door to new opportunities for content and commerce.

Create secure, seamless, and content-first shopping experiences for your customers by adding BigCommerce for WordPress to your site. You’ll be combining the very best of content and commerce and setting your site up for the future.

Adam Enfroy is a writer, content marketing consultant, and manages strategic partnerships for BigCommerce. With 10+ years of digital marketing experience, he’s passionate about leveraging the right strategic partnerships, content, and software to scale digital growth. Adam lives in Austin, TX and writes about launching, growing, and monetizing your blog at You can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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