9 Best Live Chat Software Plugins Compared (2018)

9 Best Live Chat Software Plugins Compared (2018)

Do you want to communicate with your website visitors while they’re on your site? Adding a live chat box on your site helps you point your website visitors in the right direction by providing instant assistance. In this article, we’ll compare some of the best live chat software and help you decide which one is the right solution for your needs.

Using a Live Chat Software for Your Website

Adding a live chat box on your site helps you get in touch with your website visitors. With a live chat box, you can provide instant answers to your visitors’ pertinent questions that keep them from taking a desired action, like buying your product.

There are a few things to keep in your mind while choosing a live chat software for your website.


You need to figure out why you’re adding a live chat box on your site. Some of the use cases are:

  • Increase sales: Communicate with your customers and understand what keeps them from purchasing your products. Provide instant assistance to generate more sales and revenue.
  • Lead generation: Integrate your chat box with your email marketing service and capture leads. Even if your users aren’t ready for doing a business with you immediately, you can still follow up with them to convert.
  • Measure net promoter score (NPS): NPS is an important metric that measures your customer loyalty. After a chat, persuade your users to submit an NPS survey to understand how likely your customers recommend your products to their friends.


Compare various features offered by different live chat software to determine which one perfectly fits your needs.


Before choosing a live chat plugin, you need to make sure that it offers seamless integration with your favorite web apps. You might also want to check if there’s a native integration that helps you add a chat box onto your WordPress site.

1. Live Chat

live chat

Live Chat is the best live chat tool that lets you get in touch with your website visitors and point them in the right direction.

The pricing is based on the number of agents that can log into your Live Chat account at the same time. However, you can create as many as agent accounts for organizing your team members. Everything that customers are typing in is visible instantly in the chat window, which helps you provide quick assistance to your customers.

The tool also comes with powerful built-in reports and analytics. You can even integrate it with your Google Analytics account to measure the impact Live Chat has on your business. You can also get a free WordPress plugin to install on your website.

Live Chat Inc supports integration with all your favorite web apps.

Get started with Live Chat today.

2. Olark


Olark is one of the simplest live chat tools, yet comprehensive enough to offer a seamless chatting experience for your visitors and your team. You can easily customize your chat box on your site, so you can build a consistent experience across your site.

With its automated messaging functionality, you can send messages based on your visitors’ behavior, making it easy to deliver the right message at the right time with minimal effort on your end.

Similar to Live Chat, the pricing is based on the number of agent accounts you want to set up.

Get started with Olark today.

3. Zendesk Chat

zendesk chat

Zendesk Chat, formerly known as Zopim is one of the leading live chat services, giving you the ability to talk to your customers over live chat. It comes with a free plan that enables you to provide live chat support on your website with limited features.

You can easily set up automated chats and provide a custom tailored chat experience to your visitors based on their individual behavior.

You can also monitor your website visitors in your Zendesk Chat dashboard or integrate it with your Google Analytics account for further analysis.

Get started with Zendesk Chat today.

4. Comm100 Live Chat


Comm100 is an enterprise level live chat service that helps you convert your website visitors into customers by offering real time support.

With its Chatbot feature, you can provide automated response to regular queries and have full control over the questions and answers your Chatbot handles. Chatbot helps you shorten your handle times, lower service cost and upskill your agents.

You can even offer audio/video chat during a live chat session, offering the best pre-sale customer experience on your site. On top of all that, Comm100 allows you to remotely access and control a visitor’s desktop after being granted the permission.

Get started with Comm100 Live Chat today.

5. SnapEngage


SnapEngage is yet another live chat service that you can easily set up on your website. It offers seamless integrations with hundreds of third-party services, including CRM, help desk, project management, and marketing solutions.

Aside from offering live chat on your website, it gives you the ability to offer excellent customer service through SMS. When customer sends a text message, your agents can respond via SnapEngage chat portal.

You can also get a sneak peek into what customers are typing instantly before they hit the send button.

Get started with SnapEngage today.

6. Chat Room

chat room

Chat Room is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a chat room on your WordPress website and have live conversation with logged in users.

Compared to other live chat solutions featured here, Chat Room works differently. It’s not built around offering live support for all your visitors. Instead, it lets you build a chat room on your WordPress website in which your logged in users can easily participate.

With Chat Room, you don’t have to create an account on any third-party site. The Chat Room plugin might be the right solution for you if you’re running a community powered site and want to set up a live communication channel for your logged in users.

Get started with Chat Room today.

7. Quick Chat

quick chat

Quick Chat is a free WordPress plugin that lets you add a live chat box on your website and respond to the messages right from your WordPress dashboard. It is a self-hosted chat solution, so you don’t need to create an account on any third-party platform.

The plugin comes bundled with a quick chat widget that you can easily embed on your WordPress sidebar. You can then invite your visitors to communicate with you.

In addition, you can also add unlimited number of chat rooms on your WordPress website, which is limited only by your web servers’ capability.

Get started with Quick Chat today.

8. LivePerson


LivePerson is a leading messaging and bots platforms that allow you to communicate with your customers both onsite and offsite.

Your consumers can send messages through the channel of their choice, including your website, mobile web or app.

With its Facebook Messenger integration, you can offer one-on-one customer service to your consumers while keeping track of the conversation. As consumers are already accustomed to Messenger, you can offer a familiar and seamless experience to your visitors.

Customer care professionals can view their daily performance KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), like completed engagement and average engagement length, directly from their workspace.

Get started with LivePerson today.

9. Bold360


Bold360 is a live communication software suite which includes chat, email management, and click to call tool to provide help for your website visitors and customers. It combines artificial intelligence and agent interaction solutions for faster response time.

With its frictionless natural language understanding, Bold360 AI understands the customer intent and directs them to the best resource, whether that’s pointing to a documentation or connecting to a live agent.

It also allows you to chat with your customers using Facebook Messenger and SMS, so you can provide the best customer service experience.

Get started with Bold360 today.

Which is the Best Live Chat Software for Your Needs?

After the comparison, we’ve found that Live Chat is the best live chat software that you can have on your website. Live Chat comes with all the features and integrations that makes it easy for you to communicate with your website visitors.

We’re using LiveChat on our sister websites and highly recommend it.

We hope this article helped you find the best live chat software for your requirements.

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