8 Practical Moves to Make Yourself a Better Blogger

8 Practical Moves to Make Yourself a Better Blogger

Standing out as a blogger is more important and difficult than ever before. There are currently more than half a million blogs on the internet, but only a small fraction of them make money.

A big factor in the failure of many blogs to thrive is a lack of credibility. Credibility can be attained by being a better blogger. Here are some tips for how to make that happen.

1. Gain Experience in the Trade

One sure way to gain the attention and readership you would like is to speak with authority and from experience. The best way to do that is to possess substantial experience in your subject matter.

You can also do courses or go through training programs related to your field. These days it’s possible to find those courses online for pretty much anything you can imagine, from becoming a fine art auctioneer to becoming a master in artificial intelligence!

2. Take Writing Courses

Even if you’ve earned a degree in English or a related field, you could still benefit from a well-designed writing course. You can reacquaint yourself with the rules of grammar and sentence structure, so you can hone whatever previous training you’ve had and put into practice everything you once learned, but might have forgotten, about using the language.

Writing courses can be taken online or in a night class at a local college, and they can serve as excellent refreshers to improve your prose.

3. Show Your Personality

Bloggers who want to compete well must display their personality clearly in their writing and bio. If you write much the same way as most other bloggers, you’ll earn no more than the same level of recognition, if you’re lucky.

Showing your personality in your work makes it easier to find targeted connections and spread awareness of your brand.

4. Be Human on Social Media

Social media is one of the best marketing outlets for bloggers because most people engage with brands if they find them personable and helpful. According to the social media marketers for Buffer, achieving a personable brand is one of the critical keys to managing your blog marketing.

5. Be Seen

Usually, being seen on social media is a function of learning how to use of search engine optimization (SEO). Guest blogging through other publications with the goal of link building is one of the best methods.

You can also grow your visibility through such tactics as brand mentions, affiliate links, and making your blog of higher quality to become more credible.

6. Write Quotable Content

Content usually consists of things like quick facts, statistics, and unique insights on an industry. The clearer and cleverer you can be with such presentations, the better chance they’ll be shared.

Don’t forget to include tools that make it easier for readers to share your quotes, such as click-to-tweet links and Facebook links.

7. Grab Attention with Uniqueness

The blogging market is competitive in pretty much every industry, so if you want to stand out, bring a unique and competitive edge. You might be one of 100 fashion bloggers that focus on the Parisian runway, but how many of them will actually travel to Paris to see the opening show?

Any unique spin you can put on your blog will give you more authority and credibility in the industry.

8. Update Your Design

It’s easy to let your blog become out of date as time passes. Many bloggers focus so much on what they’re writing that they forget to make sure their blog theme keeps up with design trends.

It may require a fresh set of eyes to see the problems that are scaring away recent readers. Run some survey tests to see what your readers think about your blog design.

Becoming a better blogger is a marathon, with a few hurdles thrown into the mix. It will take time and training, and you may not get things right for a while.

You’ll need a combination of the above tactics to achieve your blogging goals. But you’ll become a better blogger and see more success from your efforts.

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