7 Ways To Use Video On Your Blog To Get More Engagement

7 Ways To Use Video On Your Blog To Get More Engagement

You’ve probably used or are using video to make your posts more effective, but has it ever occurred to you that there are several other innovative ways you can use video to amplify your blog’s impact? Yes, they do exist, but it’s a little unfortunate that the majority of us haven’t learnt these tricks.

Don’t fret though, because we dug them up and, today, we present them to you just so that you may have a better opportunity to make your blog posts more inventive, engaging, and successful.

1. Add Text Content

Simply embedding the video without providing a context won’t draw in enough viewership. In fact, this might turn away a part of your audience as they might not be convinced enough to watch the video. It’s, thus, a great idea to introduce the video with beautiful and captivating sentences, and if possible, add a few short paragraphs that lead into it. Applying this to your explainer, how-to, or testimonials video is a sure way to convince your prospective audience to watch it. If you do it well enough, they will watch through to the end.

2. Interact With The Audience

Part of your video content should have a section where you encourage your audience to leave their comments or other feedback. In fact, make it your mission to always fit a question for your audience. Such feedback gives you a chance to interact with your audience and squeeze out lessons you can use to make your content better. Also, such discussions could be helpful to other viewers and, in other cases, it presents an opportunity for you to respond to your audience’s concerns.

3. Customize Your Video

Viewer experience largely depends on how well you customize your video. It’s really a huge mistake to embed a video on your blog post and fail to fit it within the post’s boundaries or give it aesthetic additions and other functionalities that could optimize its function.

Setting a particular start time or allowing/disallowing related videos to show up when the current one is complete are just few of the many aspects you can adjust as you wish.

This might be a challenge for some people, especially those who’ve not embraced the technical aspects of embedding a video, but the least you can do to make your video attractive is to ensure its width doesn’t go beyond the blog post’s column.

4. Make The Post And Video Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones are more popular today than ever, and nowadays, more people use their phones to access blogs and other platforms. It’s reported that the majority of this users spend well over 50% of their time on their cellphones, mostly accessing websites and viewing videos. So, since the majority of them will access your blog from a mobile device, customize your blog and video such that they will be friendly to these users as well. This way, you will engage a larger audience.

5. Embed It Close To The Top

There’s a section of your audience that will only care about your post once their eyes land on a video embedded in it. This means that keeping it way below is sure to work to your disadvantage in most cases. But note that this will largely depend on the type of content in your blog.

6. Make It Short

Many studies today agree that a lot of people often lose their attention after hitting the one-minute mark. So, it’s only best that all the videos you embed on your post are short. Videos that have had the most impact today are those that run for 30-45 seconds.

Some viewers will even be discouraged to check out the video if they realize that it’s long. However, in the case where you have to create a video that is longer than one minute, ensure the introduction is incredibly captivating and the accompanying content so fascinating that your audience will sit through to the end.

7. Quality Matters

No matter how impeccable your video content is, your readers aren’t going to watch even a second of it if its quality is wanting. For instance, if the video’s highest resolution is 240p, many will be discouraged to watch it. It’s, therefore, advised that you aim for the higher resolutions.

Sound quality, transitions, and other related aspects also have to be considered. Keep in mind that uploading top quality videos might take you ages if your internet is average or poor. Therefore, before you start to edit it, that’s something else you’ll have to put into consideration.

Wrap Up

In summary, embedding a video on your blog post is good but doing the entire process creatively and expertly is what makes all the difference. The seven ways we’ve mentioned are tested and proven and, if applied well, they will get you the engagement level and viewership you’ve always wished for. So, pay extra attention to each and, if possible, seek expert help where it’s necessary.

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