7 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins to Create a GDPR Compliant Site

7 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins to Create a GDPR Compliant Site

Looking for the best WordPress GDPR plugins? We can’t blame you! The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy regulation passed by the European Union (EU) has a lot of website owners on edge, and looking for the best ways to comply.

In this article, we’ll share the best WordPress GDPR plugins for your website so that you can go forth on your internet adventures without fear.

Legal Disclaimer: Due to the dynamic nature of WordPress websites, no single plugin can offer 100% legal compliance. Please consult a specialist internet law attorney to determine if you are in compliance with all applicable laws for your jurisdictions and your use cases. Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice.

What is GDPR and Why Do You Need Plugins for It?

In May of 2018, the EU put a new privacy regulation into action and affects websites around the globe. Known as GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation is over 200 pages long and can get even American-based website owners into trouble if they don’t comply.

Since GDPR is massively complex, and would overwhelm this humble blog post if we were to explain it in full, we’ll try to boil it down to the most prevalent issue.

Basically, even if you’re outside of the European Union, if you have website traffic coming from the EU, you fall under this new regulation, and could be fined handsomely for not complying to it. That’s right: if you fail to comply, you could be charged 4% of your business’ earnings, or €20 million, whichever is greater. (Don’t worry; they give you a warning first!).

The biggest issue for the average site owner is consent. In accordance to GDPR, you must obtain explicit consent from EU citizens before collecting or processing any of their personal information. This, of course, causes a problem since most website owners use Google Analytics to track user ID / hashed personal data, IP addresses, cookies, and other behavioral profiling event data. And, if you don’t have consent, you cannot share any of that information with any of your Remarketing / Advertising (Google Adwords) accounts. Or, if you do, you’ll be fined.

So how do you get consent to gather the information you need? Via plugins, of course!

That said, let’s take a look at the 7 best GDPR WordPress plugins.

1. MonsterInsights


The world’s best Google Analytics plugin is now GDPR compliant.

You can automatically anonymize or disable personal data tracking. Or, if you choose to continue tracking data, you can enable a consent box via plugin integrations unlocked with the MonsterInsights EU compliance addon. (Note: This addon is compatible with #3 on our list!).

When you have a consent box enabled, MonsterInsights waits until after the user has given explicit consent to begin loading the Analytics script.

MonsterInsights also gives users easy ways to opt-out of tracking, should they choose to.

Get Started with MonsterInsights Today!

2. WPForms


The best contact forms plugin is now one of the best WordPress GDPR plugins. With a single click, you can now halt all cookies and geo-location tracking on your forms.

Additionally, you have the option to stop storing and collecting IP addresses and User Agent info related to form entries.

There’s also a new form field option that allows you to add a GDPR Agreement field so you can easily add a consent checkbox to your forms. This is especially useful if you’re using your form data to send information to your email marketing service or CRM.

Plus, there’s a filter you can use to add non-input fields to your form notification emails.

Get Started with WPForms Today!

3. Cookie Notice

Completely free to use, Cookie Notice allows you to create a customizable message to tell your users that you use cookies on your site.

Furthermore, it allows users to optin (or out) of viewing your website. You can also include a redirection link on the notice to give users more information about your cookies and privacy policies.

Cookie Notice integrates with MonsterInsights, so we highly recommend using the plugins together.

Get Started With Cookie Notice Today!

4. Delete Me

Don’t treat your website like a roach motel. Users come in, but they can’t get out? That’s not good business, even if GDPR weren’t an issue.

With DeleteMe, users can register for an account on your site and then automatically delete their user profile at will. It puts the control in their hands whether or not they want to stay registered.

And, since DeleteMe asks users to confirm their deletion first before removing them, you’ll avoid issues with users accidentally deleting themselves, as tends to happen with 1-click deletion options.

Get Started with DeleteMe Today!

5. OptinMonster

This lead generation software utilizes intelligent targeting features to boost conversions, all while remaining GDPR compliant.

With a customizable checkbox for your privacy field, you can easily direct users to your Terms of Services, Privacy Policy, or ask for explicit consent.

Somehow land in trouble despite taking all precautions? No problem. OptinMonster allows you to fill out a form and get in touch with their audit concierge team.

Get Started with OptinMonster Today!

6. Shared Counts

Your average run-of-the-mill share button plugins add tracking cookies by default. Shared Counts is different. With this plugin, static share buttons are loaded, while displaying share counts, and will only enable cookies after consent is received.

It’s also developer-friendly and highly customizable.

Get Started with Shared Counts Today!

7. WP GDPR Compliance

If you’re using Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, or WordPress Comments then WP GDPR Compliance is a must-have plugin. With the plugin installed, you can automatically add a GDPR consent checkbox to those sections of your website.

The plugin also allows users to request their data, stored in your website’s database (after consent), through a special Data Request page. After making the request, they’ll be given temporary access to that information and, from there, can request their information be deleted, if desired.

Get Started with WP GDPR Compliance Today!

We hope this article helped you discover the best WordPress GDPR plugins. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like our step-by-step guide on how to create a custom user registration form.

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