7 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins (Google Calendar Sync)

7 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins (Google Calendar Sync)

Are you looking for the best WordPress calendar plugins? Whether you’re looking to showcase upcoming events, schedule bookings, or simply keep yourself organized, the right calendar plugin can make all the difference on your website.

In this article, we’ll share our handpicked list of the 7 best WordPress calendar plugins. The following list has both premium and free calendar plugins for you to try. Choose one and get started today!

At a Glance: 7 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

Plugin Price Active Installs
WPForms from $39.5 / year 1+ million
StartBooking from $6.99/month Not Available
Birchpress from $99 Not Available
WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments from $99 Not Available
The Events Calendar Free 700,000+
My Calendar Free 30,000+
Google Calendar Events Free 90,000+

1. WPForms


The first plugin with a calendar tool we’re going to look at is the versatile WPForms. While this plugin has a whole laundry list of features, one of the most popular features is the event calendar tool.

Once installed, you can access this part of the WPForms plugin by going to Addons and selecting Post Submissions. Now, all you have to do is start creating a new form from the plugin! Check out the full tutorial on sending form entries to Google Calendar for more information.

You’ll now have the option to create events for your calendar. There are plenty of ways for you to tweak each day or event. You can create a custom start time and date, give the event a title, and even upload a promotional image so everyone can see a visual representation of the occasion.

If you’re not quite sure about creating your own form from scratch, don’t worry. There’re easy form templates you can plug into WPForms to create customized, eye-catching calendar events in seconds.

Get Started with WPForms Today!

2. StartBooking


StartBooking is an excellent calendar tool designed for both solo entrepreneurs and businesses with a full team. If you’re a business owner who is always on the move, this tool is extremely beneficial.

You can easily create a calendar from the ground up and schedule meetings, events, classes, company holidays, and more. As your customers start booking appointments, it’ll become obvious that they are more than mere numbers.

StartBooking allows you to build unique customer profiles so you can build the optimal on-site experience for your customers, and easily track upcoming events at a glance.

When you consider the ability to add notes to events, set reminders to your smartphone device, and the option to integrate Google Calendar in just a couple clicks, it’s no wonder more businesses are using StartBooking for their scheduling needs.

Get Started with StartBooking Today!

3. BirchPress


If you’re looking for a calendar that offers complete freedom as it pertains to customization, look no further than BIrchPress. This developer-friendly tool is quickly becoming a favorite in the eCommerce market.

Need a calendar fast? No problem. The simple drag and drop builder lets build your own custom calendar in minutes. Looking for something more personal? The possibilities are endless when you take into consideration that they offer thousands of small tweaks that you can make in order to make your scheduling platform truly one of a kind.

BirchPress allows you to add a payment form if you want to allow customers to pay for their appointment up front. Currently, PayPal is integrated with the app; however, you can add other payment methods through Woocommerce integration.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working for a college, a healthcare clinic, a call center, or a gym, BirchPress will make scheduling a breeze.

Get Started with BirchPress Today!

4. WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

woocommerce bookings and appointments

WooCommerce Booking and Appointments by Plugin Hive is the go-to calendar for those who want to book services and make appoints while still selling physical products on a storefront. This tool allows you to have access to the best of both worlds without sacrificing quality.

You can customize this calendar tool so that it fits perfectly within your business model. For example, do you want to set a buffer time between appointments so you can have time to prepare for your next meeting? They make it easy with an automatic tool that prevents people from creating appointments too close together.

On that same note, if you have multiple employees, you can set up multiple appointments that overlap at the same time. Many personal trainers and spas love this feature because it allows them to maximize their profits in the short time that they are open.

Finally, WooCommerce Booking and Appointments integrates seamlessly with Google Calendars and your smartphone for instant scheduling that’s constantly up to date.

Get Started with WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments Today!

5. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar

Need a calendar that can handle some serious traffic? The Events Calendar plugin is right up your alley. This slick, easy to use plugin comes out of the box ready to use. It’s possible to set it up and have it operational in about 5 minutes!

If you’re a hardcore developer and enjoy custom options, rest easy. You can dig into the developer tools that come with countless ways to make your event calendar one of a kind. It comes with a skeleton spreadsheet so you can build your planner from the ground up. But they didn’t stop there.

The Events Calendar also comes with the ability to add/edit hooks and filters, change the template tags, or choose from a feature-rich collection of extensions to make your calendar the ultimate event planner.

They proudly boast that their plugin easily handles well on networks that get a staggering 25 million unique views a month. Now that’s sturdy!

Get Started with The Events Calendar Today!

6. My Calendar

My Calendar

My Calendar is an excellent plugin for teams looking to work on the same planner with ease. As with most calendars, you can filter it by month, week, and day. However, what makes this plugin different is the way that you can filter through the events listed on the planner.

If you have multiple employees and want to see what one particular employee is doing during a week, you can filter the planner in seconds by the author name to see what they have planned. Small businesses love the ease of access and employees love the ability to create their own schedule.

You can easily go in and add notes for your employees, or they can leave you notes and requests for specific days or weeks. It’s never been easier to manage your team with My Calendar.

If your business works with public events, you can even schedule new events to pop up on your Twitter page when scheduled. It really is an “all in one” tool for the smart, time conscious business owner.

Get Started with My Calendar Today!

7. Google Calendar Events

Simple Calendar

Google Calendar Events is a plugin for those who like life simple. There’s no hard coding required. This intuitive little plugin is ready to go out of the box and set to match your theme and color scheme.

Once you have it installed, you can make a few tweaks so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your site. Many people love using this tool because once it’s setup, you don’t have to update your WordPress to update the calendar. That’s right; if you update the Google Calendar associated with the account it automatically updates on your website.

It comes ready with simple tags so employees can easily find what they are looking for without sifting through a week’s worth of notes and appointments. When viewing this calendar, it’s fully accessible and ready to update from your mobile device.

If you’re using this plugin for your customers, you can even turn the upcoming events on your calendar into an easy to understand newsletter with the Event Calendar Newsletter plugin. Planning has never been easier.

Get Started with Google Calendar Events Today!

We hope this article helped you discover the best WordPress calendar plugins.

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