7 Best Rich Snippets Plugins to Explode Organic Traffic

7 Best Rich Snippets Plugins to Explode Organic Traffic

Are you looking for the best rich snippets plugins? Rich snippets help you improve your clickthrough rates and drive more organic traffic. In this article, we’ll share some of the best rich snippets plugins that automatically implement structured data, so Google can show rich snippets on search results.

What Is Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets provide additional information to the typical search results on Google. Let’s take a look at how rich snippets standout from the typical search results.

Since it’s eye-catching than normal search results, it helps improve clickthrough rates and drive more traffic to your site.

A typical snippet includes a title tag, meta description, and URL. Here’s how a typical snippet looks like:

typical search snippet

A rich snippet looks like this:

rich snippet

With rich snippets, extra information such as star rating, image, etc. is added to the typical search results so as to improve the search experience. Since rich snippets stand out from the rest of the page, you’ll likely receive higher clickthrough rates and ultimately more organic traffic.

Why Choose a WordPress Rich Snippet Plugin?

In order to show rich snippets on Google search results, you’ll have to implement schema markup on your website. Schema markup is a code that you put on your website to help improve the way search engines show your page in search results. With the right WordPress rich snippet plugin, you can easily implement schema markup on your site and add rich snippets to your search results without having to touch a single line of code.

Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress rich snippets plugins available on the market.

1. Schema Pro

Schema Pro

Schema Pro is a WordPress schema plugin that lets you add schema markup on your website automatically without writing code. It helps you increase your website’s clickthrough rate and works with all post types.

It includes custom fields support to provide more details about each page.

Price: It starts at $79 annually.

2. WP Product Review

WP Product Review

WP Product Review is a versatile WordPress plugin that provides every feature you need to have on your product review site. It comes with smart ratings and review system for posts, affiliate links, user reviews, and rich snippets. Not only does it helps you add rich snippets, but it also generates more revenue by reviewing products.

With this plugin, you can import Amazon product info and earn a commission on affiliate sales.

Price: Its cost starts from $59 and offers 30-days money back guarantee.

3. WP Review

WP Review Pro

WP Review is a premium WordPress reviewing and rich snippets plugin. It comes with 14 types of rich snippets and allows you to select the right snippet for your post. This plugin has multiple review and rating systems including star, point, percentage, circle, etc.

It allows you to showcase your user ratings and reviews professionally. WP Review is compatible with all popular WordPress themes.

Price: It costs $107 with 30-days money back policy.

4. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

All in one Schema Rich Snippets

All In One Schema Rich Snippets is a free schema markup plugin for WordPress websites. It gives short and precise information about your pages to search engines. It comes with interactive rich snippets options like photos, star ratings, price, author, etc.

This plugin helps you improve your search rankings and create a significant difference in your click-through rate. It also works great for your WooCommerce products and custom post types.

Price: Free

5. Schema


Schema is a lightweight and free WordPress plugin that allows you to add schema markup code to your website. It helps you enhance your search results and adds the structured data to your content precisely.

It’s fully compatible with other popular WordPress plugins to add more features in WordPress. Schema plugin has minimal settings and easy to use.

Price: Free

6. kk Star Ratings

KK Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings is an excellent WordPress rating plugin with the support for Google rich snippets. It comes with a visual button to display ratings in your pages or blog posts. The rich snippets make sure that your ratings appear in the search engines.

You can select the position to display the ratings. It has options for 5 stars and more as you like. All settings are very simple and beginner friendly.

Price: Free

7. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

Schema and Structured Data for WP

Schema and Structured Data for WP and AMP is a free WordPress plugin to add Google rich snippets markup to your website properly. It comes with 8 schema types, conditional display fields, full AMP compatibility, easy to use, and supports breadcrumbs listing.

This plugin helps you control rich snippets data in your Google search console using unlimited custom post types. It offers excellent technical support and documentation.

Price: Free

We hope this article helped you find the best rich snippets plugins. You may also want to check out our guide on popular maintenance mode and coming soon page plugins.

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