6 Reliable Rich Snippet Plugins for WordPress (Compared)

6 Reliable Rich Snippet Plugins for WordPress (Compared)

Are you looking for a better way to display your product reviews, recipes, or local business information in search results? Adding schema markup on your website that will display rich snippets in search results will help drive more highly qualified traffic to your website. And using one of the many available WordPress rich snippet plugins in the market is the easiest way to achieve this.

Today we’re going to take a look at what rich snippets are,
why they’re important, and which WordPress rich snippet plugins will best suit
your needs.

What Are Google Rich Snippets?

A snippet is a result that displays in search results after
someone enters a few search terms. It typically consists of a web page title,
URL, and a short description.

search result example

Google rich snippets, on the other hand, tell Google to pull additional (and helpful) information from the structured data of a webpage and display it in search results alongside the traditional snippet. The type of information that can display include things like:

  • Images
  • Star ratings
  • Hours of operation
  • Product prices
  • Number of reviews
  • Content authors
  • And much more
rich snippet example

Google can also use structured data found on your WordPress website to enhance video content that turns up in search results, complete with thumbnail images.

video search result example

Rich snippets don’t have a direct effect on search rankings. However, they do allow your website to stand out in search results and earn more click-throughs to your site.

Not to mention, the click-throughs you do earn will be more relevant. After all, when you show people more information in search results, they can make better decisions when it comes time to click through to a website. In other words, those that arrive on your site know what you’re all about and are interested in what you have to offer, all thanks to your rich snippets.

In the WordPress rich snippet plugins below, you’ll be able to modify the schema markup on your website so search engines display rich snippets for your site’s webpages.

1. Schema Pro

schema pro

Schema Pro is an all-in-one schema plugin. In other words,
it offers support for more than just your typical schema types. Plus, it comes
with a clean and easy to use interface that lets you apply schema markup for
rich snippet display automatically on all selected posts and pages on your
WordPress site.

Here are just some of the 13 types of schema types you can
create using Schema Pro:

  • Article
  • Book
  • Recipe
  • Product
  • Course
  • Review
  • Event
  • Local business
schema pro example

Schema Pro uses clean code that meets Google’s guidelines, supports
all posts types and custom fields, and involves zero coding, making this a
great solution for those lacking technical know-how. But more than that, Schema
Pro aims to do things differently than most rich snippet plugins in the market.

Rather than add additional content to your website, like a
review box or box with other schema details, it allows you to add schema markup
to existing content instead. This means no additional review box is needed. And
since the developers of this plugin know this process has the potential to be
really complicated, they made sure to create an easy to follow set up wizard guiding
you through the entire process.


  • 13 schema types to choose from, making it a
    versatile solution
  • Simple to use dashboard
  • No coding or other technical skills required


  • No free plan available

Price: $79/year
or a one-time payment of $249.

2. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

all in one schema rich snippets

All In One Schema Rich Snippets is a simple schema markup plugin
created to help you capitalize on the power of rich snippets in major search
engines. It supports every major schema type, including as reviews, recipes,
and video content and creates interactive rich snippets that include details
like photos, star ratings, author, and much more.

If your site visitors share your site’s content on Facebook, All In One Schema Rich Snippets ensures the right information displays to Facebook users. And if you happen to run a WooCommerce shop, this plugin supports it and schema types related to your store such as products, software applications, and services.

all in one schema rich snippets example

To use this plugin, all you have to do is access the configuration box located below your pages or posts, select the type of schema your content belongs to, and then fill in the banks. The plugin does the rest for you.

Unfortunately, unlike its sister plugin above (the same development team is responsible for both), All In One Schema Rich Snippets doesn’t support automation. In other words, if you want a rich snippet of your content to appear in search results, you’re going to have to manually add it every time. That said, this solution is perfect for those that don’t have a lot of content or are brand new to schema markup.


  • Free to use, making it affordable to all
  • Supports most major schema types
  • Easy to configure, even if you have to do it


  • Does not support local business schema markup
  • Schema details can be limiting

Price: FREE

3. WP Product Review

wp product review

WP Product Review, brought to you by ThemIsle, is an optimized rich snippets plugin for product reviews and Amazon affiliates. This means that any reviews you’ve written on your site will display user reviews, prices, and even ratings you’ve given them in search results. This information will tempt people to click through to your site and buy what you’re promoting. This is on top of other review related features that come baked into the plugin.

Here are some of WP Product review’s best features:

  • Create a top products review widget
  • Add download buttons to your posts
  • User-generated reviews
  • Review templates and shortcodes
  • Custom rating icons
  • Update the colors of your widget from the theme
    options section
  • Add overall ratings, rating per criteria,
    pros/cons, product image, and where to buy the product
wp product review example

And of course, add schema markup to your posts so they display as rich snippets in search engine results. And the neat thing is, once you have two or more of the same products configured into the plugin settings, you can create comparison tables for people to use to make better purchasing decisions. This means more information for customers and more sales for you.


  • Gives website owners and users a chance to leave reviews and appear in search results
  • Very user-friendly
  • Pros and cons feature is not seen in many rich snippet plugins
  • Can import data straight from Amazon


  • Features are very niche related to those with
    review sites
  • Must invest in paid plan to access coveted

Price: Plans start at $59. WP Product Review Lite is available for free.

4. WP Review Pro

wp review pro

WP Review Pro is another one of our rich snippet plugins
that’s geared towards review sites. In fact, in addition to making it easy to
add schema markup to your site and display rich snippet information for people,
it comes packed with other features to help you craft compelling reviews on
your WordPress site.

To start, you can add your own star ratings to your schema
markup or ask your users to leave their opinions and submit their own ratings.
This is a great feature seeing as many people trust online reviews as much as
their friends and family. And if you want to get really creative, you can
choose from the star, percentage, points, thumbs, or circle rating systems.

wp review pro example

Another neat feature that comes with WP Review Pro, setting it apart from the other solutions on this list, is the fact that it will display a rating to any user that hovers over the post’s thumbnail as they explore your site. This instant information helps people make quick purchasing decisions and can lead to more sales. This is all on top of the fact that it supports 14 schema types, has pre-designed review templates, and WooCommerce integration.


  • 10 custom designed widgets for adding reviews to
    sidebars, footer, or other widgetized areas
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Custom ratings images
  • User-generated reviews that add clout to your
    rich snippets


  • Features are very niche related to those with
    review sites
  • Cannot import data from Amazon like other review
    specific rich snippet plugins

Price: $87 for a single site license, or $19/month for a membership and access to WP Review Pro plus 150+ other WordPress products. A lite version of WP Review is available.

5. Schema App Structured Data

schema app structured data

Schema App Structured Data is a featured packed premium rich snippets plugin that also happens to come with a free version too for those on a tight budget. When you pay for this solution, however, you unlock the entire schema.org library for your WordPress site, meaning the schema markup you add and the rich snippets you display are endless.

You can create schema markup for your site’s posts, pages, categories, and more, to increase your chances of displaying highly engaging search results for users interested in what you have to offer. Plus, you can add markup to your header or footer sections too, adding to the versatility of this plugin.

Here are some other notable features of Schema App
Structured Data:

  • Google site structure in results – breadcrumbs,
    sitelinks searchbox, and your site name
  • Create video snippets for YouTube
  • Integrate with WooCommerce
  • Custom post and field mapping
  • Review widget
schema app structured data example

Though there is a free version of this plugin, keep in mind
it’s extremely limited. For example, you’ll be restricted to 50 data items and
only 10 pages of content with the free plugin, which doesn’t leave much room to


  • Well-supported
  • Access to the Schema App tool to generate new
    schema markup
  • Automatic schema markup of your WordPress site


  • Must purchase the WooCommerce extension to add markup to your online store
  • Premium plugin is very expensive to use

Price: Plans
start at$30/month. Free plan
available in the WordPress Repository.

6. snip


snip is the last of the rich snippet plugins on this list.
To use it, all you have to do is use the built-in structured data generator
right in your WordPress website. Adding to that, you’ll have access to 800+
schemas that come straight from schema.org, so you can display precise
information for people running search results.

If you want to automate the process, attach a structured data snippet to all your posts, pages, custom post types, categories, and more. These snippets are called global snippets and appear throughout your site with one click of a button. And if you need help, because you’re new to schema markup and rich snippet results, there is a free training video, over 70 self-help articles, and even one-on-one support from the plugin developer.

snip example

This rich snippet plugin works seamlessly with Gutenberg and
comes with rule control so not all your global snippets attach to all your site’s
content if you don’t want them to. And if AMP is your thing, snip is 100%


  • Plugin purchase comes with lifetime updates and
    lots of support
  • Built-in schema generator makes things super
    simple on your end
  • Provides access to schema.org markup, which is
    very valuable


  • Is one of the more pricier options
  • Customers cannot submit their own reviews

Price: $77

Which of the Rich Snippet Plugins Will You Choose?

And there you have it! The top rich snippet plugins in the market.
But how are you supposed to know which
one to choose?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that helps with more than just schema markup, Schema Pro is going to be a great option. It supports plenty of schema types and doesn’t require any coding knowledge, which is a major plus. And if you love it, the one-time fee makes this an affordable, long-term rich snippet solution.

For those that are just starting out, or who need to monitor costs, All In One Schema Rich Snippets (brought to you by the same team that developed Schema Pro) is perfect. Though it doesn’t support local business schema, it’s a straightforward plugin that won’t cost you a dime.

Anyone that wants access to official schema.org markup right in their WordPress website should consider the premium version of Schema App Structured Data or snip.  And of course, if your WordPress website is centered around providing reviews and earning affiliate commissions, both WP Product Review and WP Review Pro offer just the right amount of features to make the premium price tags worth it.

To make sure all your hard work, schema markup and all, is
protected from downtime, server crashes, and hack attacks, make sure you’re
taking routine backups of your website using one of these WordPress backup plugins.

Do you use any of
these rich snippet plugins on your site to boost your chances of displaying a
rich snippet in search results? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments

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