5 Sites Rocking a .ART Domain

5 Sites Rocking a .ART Domain

As you probably know, a couple of years ago sponsored top level domains became available. Companies and institutions around the world could purchase and run a top level extension like .google, .club, .pizza and so on. Today we have more than 800 top level domains available, with 2000 or so in the waiting list. Some of these extensions represent a very good opportunity for site owners who can’t find a good .com domain available. We will start running a column featuring the best sponsored top level domains, and examples of successful sites using them.

The first extension we will be covering is the .ART, which is an excellent option for any art related website. Here are the websites:

1. lovewatts.art

Jordan ‘Watts’ Watson, a prominent and controversial urban art authority with over 1,3 million followers on Instagram has never previously owned a website. He chose www.lovewatts.art as his official web address, where he showcases his collaborations, sells products and refers other artists.

2. ShantellMartin.art

Shantell Martin is a young British visual artist, whose work explores new models and technologies that are transforming the way art is made and consumed. Her characteristic black and white compositions were reflcted in the design of the webpage.

3. shenwei.art

Hailed as “one of the great artists of our time” (The Washington Times), choreographer, painter, and director Shen Wei is internationally renowned for the breadth and scope of his artistic vision. His website has a concise and clean layout, where the visitor is not distracted from the greatness of the visuals themselves.

4. mai.art

The Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI) explores, supports, and presents performance. MAI encourages collaboration between the arts, science, and the humanities. The website is a sort of vessel, holding the legacy of Marina Abramovic online. The website if full of never-ending videos and photographs, which dominate visual space in accordance with its creator’s aim of having a significant and dedicated online presence.

5. fitzandco.art

FITZ & CO is the leading global strategy firm in communications, integrated marketing, social media, audience engagement and events in the art world. Adopting a .ART domain name represents the company’s forward-looking entrepreneurial attitude and openness to innovation.

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