4 Tips to Improve Your Website SEO

4 Tips to Improve Your Website SEO

If you are not working on SEO, you are doing it wrong! SEO will probably give you the highest possible ROI online. That is because once your website starts ranking well you will get thousands of free visitors to your site. Not only that, those will be relevant visitors, and they might keep coming for years!

Below you will find 4 tips that you might not be using yet.

1. Optimize for mobile

Optimizing your site for mobile devices is a must today. Some large websites like eBay already get more visitors and business from mobile users than from desktop ones! On some cases, the mobile part represents 70% of all traffic and sales!

The first thing you need to do in this regard is to make sure that your site is mobile friend. Google offers a very useful and free tool that can help you identify and fix any problems that your site might have.

2. Optimize your content

Content is a big pillar of SEO, and you need to optimize it if you want to maximize your returns. There is a service called WebTextTool you can use to get real time recommendations to optimize your content and find keywords that will bring more traffic to your site. The difference between a bad and a good keyword can literally be tens of thousands of visitors every month.

If you use a CMS like Drupal or WordPress you can install their plugin and get the recommendations directly in your text editor. This will both save you time and make sure that you don’t forget to do that optimization part.

3. Get links to your content

Writing great content alone is not enough. Unless you get high quality and relevant backlinks, no one will find your great content. You can use Ahrefs to get an overview of the backlinks to your site.

Social media and social news sites represent a great way to get those initial, high quality backlinks. For instance, you can get links from YouTube, Medium, Reddit, Instagram and so on.

4. Track the progress over time

You can’t improve what you can’t measure! Make sure to track how many visitors you are getting from Google (with Google Analytics and Google Search Console), overall and for each of your popular articles.

Identify the articles that are performing better, and try to understand what you did different on those. Identify those factors, and replicate them on future articles to make sure they will attract a lot of visitors as well.

Good luck!

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