4 Steps To Monetize Your Blog Like A Professional

4 Steps To Monetize Your Blog Like A Professional

Content might be king, but bloggers certainly struggle to feel like royalty. Maintaining a profitable blog in a crowded online market is genuinely challenging. Not only do bloggers have to find their niche, create great content, stay up-to-date, and encourage interactions, but they also have to find a way to make money off of their blogs.

Monetization is, no doubt, the biggest challenge any blogger will face. So, here’s a four-step strategy that could help you overcome these issues and monetize your blog like a professional:

Step 1. Understand Your Source of Income

Most bloggers make the fundamental mistake of not recognizing their client. As a blogger your community is your service. Your job is to find an audience that shares your niche interest and then connect that audience to brands that would like to approach them.

Blog’s generate income from digital marketing agencies, so it’s important to understand what they need. Agencies are constantly on the lookout for great content within a specific niche. These agencies are tasked with finding a target audience for their client’s business. Communicating with the right audience is their top priority. Once you understand this you’ll be able to hone your messaging more effectively.

Step 2. Use The Right Tools

After you’ve taken the time to define your target clientele (digital marketing agencies) you need to make sure your blog is meeting their benchmarks. The most logical way to do this is to benchmark the blog using tools most popular with digital marketing agencies. This includes MOZ, SEMrush, MAJESTIC, and sistrix. These tools are commonly used to dissect blogs and rank them on the basis of quality and quantity of their traffic. Digital marketers use them to understand how valuable your blog is, which is why you must use the same tools to track your performance.

Step 3. Benchmark

Once you’ve shortlisted the tools, you need to ensure our blog meets the minimum benchmarks on each of them. MOZ, for example, considers a Domain Authority score of 20 a minimum. Similarly, you can aim for a minimum traffic score of 1,000 on SEMrush and Trust Flow of 20 on Majestic. Meeting these benchmarks is absolutely essential for monetization.

Step 4. Get Discovered

Traditionally, digital marketers would directly email a blogger if they were interested. This helped them create a working relationship but the process is slow, tedious, and inefficient. Professional marketers are now more likely to use content distribution services to find the best blogs. These platforms list blogs alongside crucial test data from tools like MOZ, SEMrush, and Majestic. It makes it easier for quality blogs to get discovered and for digital marketers to find the right fit. Using these services is absolutely essential if you want to get discovered by the top agencies and monetize your blog successfully.

These four simple steps should have a noticeable impact on your blog’s ability to generate revenue. Once your blog meets the basic requirements you can turn your focus on maintain great content.

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