4 of the Best-Paid Blogging Niches

4 of the Best-Paid Blogging Niches

If you haven’t considered niche blogging, maybe you should. It’s the best way to earn top dollar as a freelance writer.

“Assignments get easier and easier to do as you learn where the good sources and statistics are for that niche topic,” Carol Tice explains. “Developing story ideas gets easier too — as sources catch on that you write a lot on their subject, they start tipping you off about breaking news and emerging trends.”

Thousands of bloggers have recognized this and made their fortune from it, writing on all sorts of niches. For example, there are people making money writing about income properties, frugal living and even meditation and mindfulness!

Some niches are more profitable than others; your ultimate goal should be to target an industry or two where there’s real money in writing. Here are some of the best niches for making a profitable living as a blogger.

1. Money-Making Blogs

2015 and 2016 have seen new ways to make money online, either on an individual level or as a business. Blogs in this niche focus on SEO, email marketing, writing and freelancing, money-making tips and tricks, how tos, social media, product development, affiliate marketing, advertising, and other tips for increasing individual or company revenue.

Among the top money-making blogs of the year:

Smart Passive Income
Neil Patel
Daily Blog Tips
The Nectar Collective

If you write for any of these blogs, or start your own, you have a good shot at building your writing career and bank account at the same time.

2. Health, Fitness, Wellness, and Healthy Foods

Since more than two-thirds of American citizens qualify as overweight or obese, while being thin continues to receive a strong emphasis in the popular media, blogs about overall health and fitness tend to bring in the money. These blogs usually focus on such topics as trending superfoods, tricks for staying on your diet, diet comparison tips, simple workouts and exercises, natural ingredients, and other healthy subjects.

Please note that credibility is crucial in this industry. It’s hard to gain a following if your blogging tips don’t show results. Top blogs in this field include:

Simply Living
Healthy Happy Life

3. Technology

There will never be an end to the invention of gadgets, electronics, software, and apps for both consumer and commercial use. As a consequence, we’ll always need publications that cover press releases, reviews, and how-tos for the many new technologies that roll out.

The kind of tech blogs that do particularly well bring authoritative knowledge to the discussion. They understand the specs and applications of new devices or softwares. They also bring a unique perspective to the tech market, by enabling consumers see things through different eyes.

There have been several highly profitable blogs that have made their fortune in the tech sector. They include:

The Verge
The Next Web

Entering this market as a blogger isn’t too difficult if you love technology. As long as you have an understanding of the industry and a winning personality or perspective, you could penetrate this high-paying blog market.

4. Fashion

It’s inarguable that the fashion market is oversaturated, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many bloggers who do very well in this industry. Fashion bloggers make their money partially with a unique perspective on fashion and primarily through advertising and affiliate links.

Style articles tend to generate a lot of traffic simply because people like to look at the photos. You can probably imagine the kind of passive income this will generate through ad traffic.

Top fashion bloggers of 2016 include:

Zanita Studio
Cupcakes and Cashmere
Damsel in Dior
The Blonde Salad
The Man Repeller
Fashion Toast
Bryan Boy

This market is hard for independent bloggers to penetrate, but you can get your name recognized through guest blogging. Some fashion bloggers will pay top dollar for guest blog content that brings a unique, outside perspective to their forum.

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