4 Money-Making Article Examples Every Blogger Should Write!

4 Money-Making Article Examples Every Blogger Should Write!

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for the digital world to flourish with readily accessible information that are contributed by both novice and seasoned writers and authors alike. With this, more and more writers saw the potential of turning their written art into something that can generate a positive revenue. However, not all writers are able to do so because of several reasons such as an undeniable talent in writing, but a lack of strategy. Nevertheless, whether you are one budding writer or already an expert in the field, it will greatly help to consider some of the article types below, especially if you are looking into monetizing your written art.

Articles about a “List of Resources”

Sometimes referred to as ‘listicles’, articles featuring a list of resources are often posts that are mostly shared, especially on social media platforms. This is because people find it relatively easy to comprehend lists, which is why you should leverage on it since you can create a list of anything under the sun in various niches. For instance, you can write about a list of your favorite landmarks, or a list of software applications you have tried out the previous year. Truly the possibilities are endless, and you even get to decide what to write about.

Apart from this, it is often the case that when people encounter difficulties or when they are simply looking for new products to try out, they turn to their favorite bloggers or influencers. This is the reason why more and more bloggers are making a list of resources available on their web page, particularly somewhere along their navigation menu. While some of these articles are strictly list of resources, others are written as authority articles, which establishes a blogger’s expertise on the subject.

But how can writers earn money by making articles about a list of resources? One way is by including affiliate links on some of the resources on your list. Of course you need to be able to get readers to click the affiliate links on your articles and what better way to do so by keeping your readers engaged and interested in your lists. Aside from this, make sure that you have reliable and reputable resources, providing them with a substantial reason for your recommendation.

Articles that highlight “The Best of…”

Aside from listicles or a list of resources, another article type that appeals to a significant number of readers is the “Best of” type of articles. More often than not, people find it interesting to know which is the best antivirus software to use, or which is the best place to go to for a quick weekend getaway. Surveys show that people browsing through social media tend to click posts that feature the best of something. This is because this type of article posts is admittedly impeccable in grabbing a reader’s attention. There are even sites that dedicate their contents into “The Best of” format.

Articles that list down the “Top 10” of anything also fall under this category, as well as those that feature the “Cheapest” of anything. Both article formats also highlight the greatest of any niche or topic, with the latter heavily focusing on good deals. After all, who would refuse the cheapest travel package or the cheapest branded pair of shoes, right? Leverage on this to drive an immense traffic on your website.

The technique in making the “Best of” article work, particularly the “Cheapest” of anything work is by emphasizing the value of the product, apart from its extra features. It might take some effort, but it is necessary to focus on what the product can do and how it can put a resolution to the common difficulty encountered, with a price that doesn’t hit the ceiling. As much as possible, be transparent in all the costs inherent with a product, especially if you are writing about the “cheapest” of anything. You can even use a table to make the prices of different products and services more apparent, and your post more visually engaging.

Articles that feature “Reviews”

Another type of blog post or article that garners the attention of several readers are those articles that feature reviews. Statistics even show that reviews and review articles are some of the posts that are most sought in search engines. This is because more and more people are becoming conscious buyers, wherein they tend to check the reviews of a product or service to make more informed decisions about their purchase. More often than not, people who search for reviews already have an intention to purchase, they just need an affirmation about the product they want to purchase. This is a good reason why review articles are effective posts, especially if it came from a reputable blogger or writer with a substantial credibility.

For instance, a writer may come across the Publisher Rocket software because he or she is looking into having an adequate advantage when it comes to his or her Amazon book marketing skills. Keep in mind that this writer already has every intention to make a purchase. More often than not, he or she just needs an affirmation that he or she is making the right decision. Thereby, instead of making an instant purchase, this writer will tend to look for Publisher Rocket reviews. This writer will look for details on what the reviewer finds positive about the software, as well as what the reviewer deems as its drawbacks. The information that the writer will garner through the review of the software will pretty much give him or her with the nudge that he or she needs to eventually make the purchase. This is a win-win situation for everybody included in the entire cycle, namely the owner of the software because he just gained another customer, the reviewer of the software because he will get a commission from the sale if he is an affiliate, and of course the customer, who got a good deal with his purchase.

Thereby, it is best if you can spend a few moments of your day or week allotted to writing the benefits and drawbacks of certain products within your niche and eventually making a recommendation about it. The great thing about this type of article is that it is not that difficult to write, especially if you are writing from your own experience. And while it is effortless to come up with a review article, the traffic it can bring can be surprising. The key thing is that you need to be able to anticipate the questions that your readers may have and ensure that you provide a comprehensive answer in your article.

Articles that cite a “Comparison”

More often than not, a comparison post comes right after a review post. This is to provide the reader with a few alternatives that they can work with, especially if your recommendation about the product you reviewed is not superlative. Readers find comparison reviews very helpful, especially if they are torn between several products or services that may eventually address the certain problem they are trying to solve.

Writing a comparison post is very much similar to writing a review post, only that you are reviewing products in a group or in a batch. This is like having two reviews squeezed into a single article post, making the entire post juicy with information for your reader. However, you have the option of not going into the details of the product, much like you would in a review post. Instead, it will be more effective to be more widespread in terms of your thoughts and opinions. Keep in mind that comparison posts are where most affiliate sales originate from. This is because people looking into the comparison of products and services are already keen on buying, they just need that little nudge to do so to sway them in one product or another, based on what they will gather through their research.

You can even integrate an infographic in your comparison post to make it more visually engaging for your readers. Infographics can range anywhere from charts or lists, or a comparison of myths versus facts. This will make your post even more appealing, especially to the reader who already has the intention of making a product purchase. However, it is inevitable that the more professional your infographic looks, the more reliable it seems to be. The key thing is to ensure that your infographic provides data that will help people understand certain information you want to highlight, or the overall concept of your post. Apart from a basic PowerPoint, you can also use other tools such as Canva or Piktochart to generate amazing online charts.

Other Bankable Article Types

The four types of articles above are very much effective in capturing the attention of readers who are already keen on making a purchase. Apart from this, the type of posts listed above are also reliable in generating traffic to your site. Nevertheless, you also have the option of writing posts in a different format and still hone in a positive revenue. While this may still heavily rely on affiliate marketing, you as a writer may find it more comfortable writing posts about:


  • Tutorials and Guides


Most especially for novice bloggers, writing about tutorials or a how-to guide regarding a topic that he or she has sufficient expertise about, is considered as one of the easiest blog posts to write about. This is because the writer already has ample information about what they are writing about, greatly involving the reader while taking him or her through the process of how a product or service works. The key thing in writing posts about tutorials or how-to guides is to ensure that you break it down into steps that will easily be understood by the reader.


  • Checklists


Similar to tutorials and guides, checklists can also be effortless to write, but effective in appealing to the attention of your readers. This is because checklists are everywhere, from your grocery list to the things you need to pack before you travel. The only thing that you need to do as a writer is to apply this concept on how you write about the products and services in your niche. To make the checklist even more informative and useful to your readers, try breaking a common task into a short but actionable item. For instance, if you are in the real-estate industry, try making a checklist about the things you need to prepare for an open house. In the same manner, if you are in the photography scene, try making a checklist about the essential camera equipment you need to pack when travelling.


  • Latest News and Current Events


More often than not, entrepreneurs and individuals alike check for the latest update that is happening in their industry or around them be reading through news and current events, particularly before they start their day or when they hit the sheets. Thereby, as a writer, it might help to blog about something new each day you wake up or before you retire for the night. Leverage on the latest news that is happening around you and find out how you can relate this to your niche, or to your products and services because people are always looking for more information as these current events are hot. The only important thing that you need to remember is to ensure that you add your own distinct flavor as a writer to your post.

This modern world paved the way for several avenues to make profit and revenue, particularly those online. Writers and authors alike now have an accessible platform which they can use to generate a decent sum that will be able to keep them continue on making written masterpieces. While this is a fact, it is still undeniable that the online world is left unexplored for writers with immense talent simply because of the type of posts they usually create. Thereby, try modelling your written craft based on the types of posts listed above and be surprised at how your writing skills can turn into a means for you to make money online.

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