21 Best WordPress Themes for Podcasting (Compared)

21 Best WordPress Themes for Podcasting (Compared)

If you’re looking for the best WordPress themes for podcasting, you’ve landed on the right post. We know exactly what a successful podcaster’s website needs. From eye-catching design to embedded audio feeds, the right theme can make all the difference.

That’s why we’re going to share our picks for the 21 best WordPress themes for podcasting.

Quick Look: Top 5 Best Themes for Podcasting

Theme Price Unique Feature Released By
1. Pepper+ $129 Grid layouts and modules. Artisan Themes
2. Music $49 You can embed a music player. Themify
3. Podcaster $49 Unlimited episode archive pages. Themestation
4. Monochrome $129.95 Uses the Genesis framework. StudioPress
5. Castilo $45 Speedy and developer-friendly. liviu_cerchez

1. Pepper+


Pepper+ is an easy to use responsive theme designed for those who’re interested in building a website, regardless of their experience. There’re both pro and newbie tools available out of the box to help you design a clean, elegant site for podcasting.

Many of the features allow you to flesh out your page without digging into the code. Simple drag and drop modules let you set up a live podcast along with the ability to add the podcast from the previous week on the same page.

Combine those features with their ad-friendly interface and unlimited sidebar menu and it’s easy to see why Pepper+ is our top theme for podcast websites.

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2. Music


The name, Music, accurately sums up the focus of this WordPress theme. It works well for all forms of artists, writers, musicians, and podcast hosts.

You can build a single page parallax website, or a multipage platform depending on the size and scope of your business plan. If you want to feature old podcasts you can do so with ease as this theme comes out of the box with a music player that lets you upload custom tracks for your viewers.

Music also comes with pre-designed templates and artist pages to make your building experience fluent and easy. Save time and develop a professional looking page in no time.

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3. Podcaster


Podcaster comes with its own audio and video players; however, you can also use oEmbed.

Choose between light or dark versions of the theme’s design, and customize the header with the images of your choice. It also features a nifty parallax scrolling feature for your home page.

It’s optimized to work with BluBrry PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting.

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4. Monochrome


Monochrome is a premium WordPress theme for people who want to build their website from the ground up with a suite of amazing tools. It starts with the general theme and text of your site. You can add new text, change colors and fonts, adjust headers, and more; all while watching it change in real time.

You can then use the deluxe toolkit to add in modules for your podcast as you record it live, or even set up pages for backdated podcasts for listeners who may have missed a show.

Top all that off with fluent mobile and tablet responsiveness and the ability to translate your text, it’s easy to see why podcasters can’t get enough of the Monochrome theme.

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5. Castilo


The media-rich header area is the crown jewel of the Castilo theme. With the right image or video, you can create a truly eye-catching website that visitors won’t be able to click away from.

We also really appreciate the statistics feature in the backend. Get reports on your total listeners, listening sources, total listens, and more!

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6. Nayma


If you have an idea that you want to translate to a website, Nayma is the superior choice for new designers. The theme comes out of the box with their Artisan collection of pre-loaded templates. You can pick the one that’s closest to what you want to build, install it with 1 click, and edit it to your liking.

You can also design your podcasting site from scratch with a whole host of designer tools that don’t take years of coding experience. Build your pages using serious power with minimum effort and learning curve. The easy-to-use modules make placing, designing, and publishing your new website a breeze.

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7. Elegant


Elegant is the name of the theme and the way your site is going to look when you’re done installing and tweaking it. The theme removes all of the cumbersome animations and graphical effects and instead focuses purely on content.

If you want to build a podcast website without frills, this is a good choice, regardless of your skill level. You can quickly put together a website that works on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. You can also tweak it in real time and make sure you’re making the changes you’re intending to make, which saves you even more time.

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8. Ultra


Ultra is made by the creators of Elegant, Themify, but they beefed up Ultra for those who’re looking for a little more from their WordPress theme. This premium theme comes with a whopping 40+ pre-made designs that you can customize on your own.

It seamlessly blends with your existing plugins and comes with 12 additional plugins out of the box that can help you develop a podcast website plus. You can add a detailed blog, image gallery past podcasts, and much more with Ultra.

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9. Tracks


If you’re looking for a dark, simple, and intuitive free WordPress theme for your brand website, Tracks can help you create the perfect site. The tools provided allow you to create whatever kind of site you want, allowing you to edit from header to footer, and everywhere in-between.

Use a preset layout, or create your own in minutes with Tracks drag and drop builder that lets you set things up the way you want them to look. Create a custom search bar and incorporate other plugins you may have been previously using to bring together your past work and make your future podcasts available to a wider audience.

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10. Satchmo


Satchmo is a theme designed specifically for podcasters looking to build a professional, reputable website in a short time. It gives you a full suite of customization features, but that’s hardly the most interesting part of this WordPress theme.

It also supports various podcasting plugins like PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting, making it ideal for people who are already familiar and invested with those plugins. Furthermore, there’s an MP3 player that lets you upload custom MP3 files so you can upload all of your podcasts in one place.

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11. Gumbo


Gumbo is another excellent podcast theme for people who want to build their brand but don’t have much coding experience. This latest creation from Secondline Themes is designed to help you bring your ideas to life with their host of tools and resources that allow you to create without coding.

You can translate your videos from websites like SoundCloud and YouTube, so you if you already have an existing audience from existing videos, you can transfer your content seamlessly. Combine those features with their mobile and tablet compatibility right out of the box, and you’re looking at one powerhouse of a theme for podcast creators.

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12. Oscillator

oscillator theme

Oscillator is a theme meant for artists and musicians, but it also works well with podcasts too! Combine flashy images and designs with bold and classic headers, footers, and fonts, and you’re working towards creating a website that will have people coming back for more.

Instead of uploading music to the music player, you can upload your podcasts directly to the plugin responsible for this aspect of your site. Once they’ve been uploaded to the MP3 player, you can allow users to download your previous podcasts for easy listening experiences.

Oscillator also includes a range of tools to help you develop high-quality content and rank for Google. You’ll get an added bonus of an SEO optimized website with all your audio files. This really is the best of both worlds.

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13. Oxium


Oxium offers podcasters something in a theme that most others fail to deliver on. Besides uploading your audio files to the included player, you can create custom playlists based on topics, hosts, length, and more. Create your own playlists the way you want.

Once you’ve created your podcast playlist, you’ll have full reign over the theme’s website builder that lets you add new modules in a single click. Design a website that’s professional, fun, or somewhere in-between. Oxium will not hold you back in the creativity department.

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14. Medias


Medias is a little more laid back and made for those looking for a simple, yet intuitive theme. The general look is either a light theme or dark, but you can change all of the variables within the design with a few clicks.

When you create new content on Medias, you’ll have 4 post types to choose from including standard post, audio, gallery, or video. It doesn’t matter how you upload your podcast (whether it’s audio only or video), you’ll have no problem delivering fresh new content to your viewers.

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15. Amplify


Amplify is normally for musicians, but it works equally well for podcast owners who want to build their brand and allow more people to see their work.

Out of the box, Amplify works with Beaver Builder, a drag and drop page builder. You’ll be able to create your website, add multiple pages, and upload previous podcasts with this module based design system.

Combine that with the ability to offer your content for download to viewers, and it’s easy to see why podcast creators like this theme.

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16. Obsidian


Obsidian gives you complete control and gives you all the tools you need for success. Besides the modern-yet-classy volcanic ash color scheme, you’ll be able to add a whole host of music/podcast themed pages right to your site.

You can create a schedule so that viewers know when your next show is airing and where they can watch. It’s also possible to create a discography of all of your past podcasts by subject, year, guests, and more.

The icing on the cake is the ability to go through and tweak existing templates to make them fit your brand, your style, and your podcast.

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17. Promenade


Looking for something elegant, minimal, yet totally responsive to your artistic decisions when crafting your site? Promenade is the theme you’re looking for.

You can upload all of your content and highlight important pieces for your viewers with just a couple of short clicks. This is great for people who want to easily let their viewers know when a new podcast has been uploaded.

Promenade also comes with various custom fonts and header/footer styles that allow you the freedom to build your site, your way.

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18. Dixie


Dixie was designed for a wide range of podcast creators. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced coder or a complete newbie, Dixie has you covered.

This theme was created specifically for people who operate podcasts, as it supports the most important podcast-themed plugins on the market: PowerPress and SeriouslySimplePodcasting. On top of that, you can upload your MP3s, or even import your videos and audio from SoundCloud, YouTube, MixCloud, and more.

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19. Podcast


It doesn’t get much more obvious who a theme is for than having a name like Podcast. The Podcast theme is specifically for audio streamers looking to create an easy website to feature their brand, past podcasts, and future podcasts as they’re released.

You can make small adjustments to the design by choosing from 7 different color palettes and adjusting the sidebar/header/footer area to your liking. All-in-all, if you want something basic that gets the job done, Podcast is the answer.

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20. Challenger


Challenger is a new theme with a slew of features that make it the ideal choice for the budding podcaster. You can create your site in a few minutes with Challenger’s easy-to-use interface system that lets you click, drag, and drop exactly the way you want.

This theme also comes with 4 sections for widgets, over 50 social media icons, and the ability to customize your header and add optin features to get your viewers to sign up for your mailing list. You can use Challenger to grow your audience and upload your content in real time so your listeners can have the best experience, every time.

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21. Chosen

chosen theme

Chosen is an ideal choice if you want to create a page that draws in listeners and keeps them there. You can build an engaging website with information about yourself, guests on your podcasts, future topics, and more.

You can upload your podcasts and integrate an eCommerce store if you want to sell merchandise that relates to your brand or affiliate brands. Chosen doesn’t stop there; its customization features are vast and allow you to pick and choose how you want your website to look. It’s your page, so they make sure it feels that way.

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We hope this article helped you discover the best WordPress themes for podcasting.

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