10 Top App Development Companies for Startups and SMEs

10 Top App Development Companies for Startups and SMEs

The number of mobile apps in the app store and Google Play reached 4.1 billion in the third quarter of 2018. The huge number tells a daunting story about fierce competition. So, how are you planning to outshine among your competitors?

It is not easy to establish a demand for a new application in contemporary times. The huge value of the app market which is expected to reach the US $3072 million by 2023 makes this task extremely tough. Everyone is focusing on getting the maximum return on investment.  

Here is a graph that shows the expected revenue of the app segment according to the findings of Statista. 



In order to get a return on every pie of your invested money, you need to come up with some innovative app ideas that are perfect to satisfy the needs of customers. 

You have a large prospective audience as along with business investment and apps, the number of users is also increasing. Here is a graph that shows the increase in the number of apps’ users

It is not a child’s play to attract the audience towards your product. It requires a clear vision, execution, and persistence. This is the reason we all hire app developers so that we get the assistance of expert professionals.  

Our vision might be a strong one but it requires an experienced team from a top mobile app development company to convert it into reality. They understand the needs and position of your business and utilize the correct set of technologies to make a wonderful app for a sure shot success. 

If you have landed on this page then you must be looking for the best mobile app development company to choose the perfect partner for your application development project. 

There are a plethora of companies offering app development solutions and services.  The cutthroat competition has forced them to use vigorous marketing strategies. This, in turn, misguides the businesspersons.

In order to help businesses, especially SMEs and startups in making a well-informed and smart decision, I have scrutinized different companies’ websites, projects and ratings on different rating platforms. 

Let me introduce myself to you: I have an experience of 15 years as a software technology consultant. I am an ardent reader about what’s going on in the market which keeps me updated with the latest tech trends. My extensive knowledge about the app development market helps me in giving tips to SMEs and startups. I am sure that like my other works, this top app development companies’ list will also help you in taking the right decision. 

Here are the parameters which I have considered while doing my research on the app development companies:

  • Organic search results and ranking of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Reviews and ratings on rating companies’ websites like Goodfirms and clutch.
  • The number of years of experience in offering app development services.
  • Experience, knowledge, and efficiency of team members. 
  • References by media, clients and other organizations.
  • Cost and quality match of the offered services


Below is the list of 10 top app development companies:

  1. Pixelcrayons, India. From the past three years, this company is on number one rank in the list of top app development companies. Its 100% cash-back guarantee makes it different and better than others.
  2. Valuecoders, India. It moved two positions up from the last year. It provides app developers on a monthly or hourly basis. 
  3. Appinventiv, India, UK, USA. Showed a remarkable increase in the number of projects completed
  4. TechAhead, India, and the USA.  Well-known for its commitment to the clients
  5. Mutual Mobile, India. Possess expertise in thinking out of the box
  6. Algoworks, India, and the USA. Serving passionately since 2006. 
  7. Quytech, India, and the USA. Has the ability to transform the way you do business
  8. Excellent WebWorld, India and USA. A new entrant in the list of the best app development companies.
  9. RNF Technologies, India. Dropped by two ranks from last year
  10. Daffodil Software, India. Follows unique methodologies and approaches

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of these 10 Top app development companies in detail.

Rank 1: PixelCrayons: An award-winning app development company based in India.

If you are looking for app developers with extensive experience and credibility then there is no other company as reliable as Pixelcrayons. They are working in this domain for the past 14 years with over 1400 clients. 

After the vigorous screening, they hire their developers who have quality experience in specific domains. (It is a belief among developers that it is not easy to crack the interview tests of this company)

This assures that clients are given the cream to get their projects done. Above this, they offer a free consultation to the business of all sizes. Possibly their dedication is the reason behind an ever-growing client retention rate which has reached 97% last year!

They incorporate the latest technologies like ML, VR, AR, AI, IoT, chatbots, etc with apps according to the individual needs of the clients. They cover a wide range of industry domains impeccably which has provided them the clientele spread all over the globe. 

They provide a fully dedicated team of developers that works on the agile development process and can be hired on an hourly or monthly basis. On the demand of the customers, their hired team can be scaled accordingly. 

Their confidence speaks volumes with the strict NDA signed and the policy of 100% money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction from the delivered services. 

Rank 2: Valuecoders: A renowned company based in India offering fully-dedicated teams for app development services. 

This company is well-known for providing the maximum possible support to its clients. It is based in India and since its inception in 2004, the company has seen remarkable growth in client retention rate. 

It is known for an optimum level of app development services to a wide range of companies from varied domains and of different capital investment. They offer their consultation and services at budgeted rates.

Rank 3: Appinventiv: Chooses clients on the basis of an idea not the reputation of the parent company

Their team of 250+ developers, designers, business strategists, and testers is known for an innovative and adaptive mind. They have delivered top-class apps with a wide array of services. 

The company has delivered apps according to the business niches of their clients. They work with a vision to contribute maximum to the growth and productivity of their clients. Their offices are spread across the globe in locations like the UK, USA, Dubai, and India. 


Rank 4: TechAhead: Trusted by companies from Fortune 500 to startups

From the past decade, they have proved their authenticity and innovative approach in the engineering field. They can be referred to as a one-stop solution provider from ideation to execution of the app development projects. 


They can become a partner who can handle all your technology needs almost impeccably. Their team of dexterous professionals can help your business in achieving great heights seamlessly. 


Rank 5: Mutual Mobile: Bringing digital experiences to life

They integrate their skills and talent with technology to deliver top class app development services. They become the best strategist partner for their clients. Their team enjoys the work they do.

The integration of the digital and physical worlds in their applications is appreciable. They have experience in building unique business solutions that can change the way people live, play and work in their daily life. 


Rank 6: Algoworks: Providing end-to-end development services worldwide

They claim that they deliver apps in the shortest time period in the market. Their key services include Salesforce, Mobility Enterprise Application Integration, and DevOps. The aim of achieving the dreams of their clients related to mobile app development.


The tools and strategy of your app development project can be discussed anytime with a quick discussion with the client. They have been recognized as partners with around 100 businesses all over the world. 


Rank 7: Quytech: Successfully delivered 150+ projects of different industrial domains

The journey of a decade has been tremendous for this company. Since its incorporation, it has served enterprises and startups. Their forte lies in developing apps that are based on out of the box ideas.

They have served clients all across the world with their satisfactory services. Some of their services include, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and chatbots integrated mobile app development.   


Rank 8: Excellent WebWorld: A new entrant with offices in India, USA, Australia, and Germany

Their full-stack developers’ team of this company has already launched 300 apps since its inception in 2011. They are regularly counting more. They are known for the android app development with the integration of different technologies.

IoT, AR, VR are some of these technologies. They have covered all kinds of apps in their services, from the web to mobile. They are known for developing simple apps as well. 


Rank 9: RNF Technologies: Team consists of Google’s ex-employees

Their USP is their team of dexterous professionals who have experience of working with some top-notch companies. Basically, this company has relevant resources to provide its clients with everything they expect. 

It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with an aim to become a market leader in providing innovative app development solutions. 


Rank 10: Daffodil Software: Partner of around 100+ organizations

This company is well-known for delivering progressive and highly innovative solutions to its clients. Their team is skilled enough to think beyond the general technologies. This is what distinguishes them from other companies.

I have kept them in 10th position this year but there is no doubt that it is one of the top mobile app development companies in the world. The development of methodologies and design approaches are unique to them.   

So, which is a company of your choice out of these top 10 app development companies? Still confused? Do not worry, it is just a list. It does not compulsorily say that they are perfect for the individual demands of your business as well. 

Choosing an appropriate app development company that will be right for your business is not at all easy. If you make a wrong choice then it will not only waste your resources but also spoil your reputation online. 


How to choose the best app development company? 

It is not difficult to choose the best app development company for your business if you know the things you need to check. Checking the companies over certain parameters can help you get a perfect match. 

To help you out in this task, I have listed below certain things that an app development company must possess to become your ideal choice. They are:


Provides custom app development:

App development is a vast field and involves a lot of different attributes. If you want an app that will fulfill your needs then you must have a ready plan to share with prospective partners for app development.

Your chosen app developers must be ready to provide compatible solutions with your business needs. There are very few companies that are capable of offering custom app development solutions.


Offers consultation services:

Do you have an in-house developers’ team? If no, then how are you going to finalize an app idea? You need a professional to discuss your requirements and visions so that they can come up with a revenue-generating app idea for you.

Make sure you choose a company that is willing to offer consultation services to you. Moreover, they must not be reluctant in discussing your needs in details. In fact, there are web app development companies that understand this requirement of businesses and offer them free consultation services.  


Experienced in your niche:

App development is a vast field. There are many technologies that can be employed in an app according to the requirements of the client. These requirements majorly depend on the niche in which your business is working.

Therefore, it is quite important to hire app developers who have worked in your business niche. They would be able to tell you better as to what your app can be integrated with to provide the best results. 


Provides cost-effective services:

Every business person has a major concern of cost that they will be required to invest in an app development project. It is not easy to invest your hard-earned money into something you are not sure to get returns on. 

When you are searching for an app development company then it is not necessary to go for the company quoting the least price. But the one asking for the genuine amount to deliver their services. 

The price and quality should match perfectly. Moreover, it is always suggested to get a budget prepared for your app development project. This will help you know your limits and abilities in investing in a project. 


Dedicated team:

When a developer works on different projects simultaneously they fail to deliver perfection. You should never agree with this! The hired app developers for your app development projects should be dedicated to your project only.

This improves the performance of developers in delivering efficient results while coding. Moreover, these fully dedicated app developers must have experience in your business niche. Their extensive experience can showcase brilliance that can benefit your revenue-generating capability. 

Established in India: 

A senior Microsoft official once said, “India is a land of developers”. There is an abundance of talent in the software industry in India. If you are still wondering why India is a better choice to hire app developers over other nations then have a look at the reasons.


  •  According to a Deloitte survey, it was found out that 59% of the respondents are outsourcing to India. It will not be an understatement that India is an outsourcing hub. 
  • The Indian government is taking initiatives and allocating funds for the upliftment of India’s IT industry. 
  • Indian developers are comfortable working at all time zones, so time will not be a problem in coordination. 
  • According to LinkedIn, its members are shifting to other countries. Five out of those 10 cities are Indian cities. 


 Hence, it is an intelligent decision to invest in IT companies in India. You would be happy to know that according to the latest study India has the most hardworking force


Top app development companies: Final Words

I hope that you found this list of 10 top app development companies beneficial. My primary motive to formulate this list was to unveil the app development companies which are perfect for SMEs and startups.

These companies often get hidden in the bright light of top-notch brands in the app development sector. If you do not have huge amounts to invest in app development but crave for perfect results then you can choose any of these app development companies according to your needs.

I understand that my research can not be perfect. So if you, as my reader, think that some other company deserves to be added in this list or have a personal experience to be shared with any of these companies then you are most welcome to write to me in the comment section.

Original post: 10 Top App Development Companies for Startups and SMEs

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