10 Most Common eCommerce SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

10 Most Common eCommerce SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The role of SEO is vital in almost all eCommerce businesses. Many businesses suggest similar products or services. Some of them promote their businesses through social media, others email marketing, and there are some, which choose paid advertisements. However, which is the best?

All these tactics are very important, and if you use all of them, you will surely have business growth. However, when we want to find something, most of us first search it on Google. We trust the websites, which are on the first pages of search results. This is the greatest method, which can inform people about your business. Through the SEO audit, you can get the analysis of your website, which in turn will help you in search results. However, in order to appear in the first pages, some business owners apply wrong SEO tactics, which harm their businesses. These mistakes are a lot; anyway, let us have a look at the ten most common ones, which you need to avoid.

Forgetting About Your Audience in Keyword Research

In order to understand how to reach your customers, it is important to learn and follow your audience research. Keyword research will help you in this case. If you miss it, you will really fail to understand your audience intent. Your keyword should cover all the terms that your audience is searching; otherwise, you will never get a chance to target your audience and increase the value that they receive. However, a well-cultivated keyword strategy will make your website visible for your customers and help to grow your sales.

Spamming Your Own Content

Your content is one of the most powerful tools for increasing sales. Sometimes you spam your content, without realizing, that you bring a negative impact on your website. Your content should be relevant and worth reading. If you use proper content marketing strategies, you will never face this problem. If you find it difficult to keep your content safe from spams, an eCommerce SEO service will also support in creating high-quality content for driving SEO.

Not optimizing URL’s

While you may think it as just a small information about the location of your website, however, it is more than that. It is important to optimize your URLs, as it gives information about the content of the website, as well what its target is. URLs are as well great tools for increasing your ranking and making your website visible in search engines. They should be readable and include your target keywords.

Forgetting about Internal Linking

For having a higher rank including internal links play a significant role. If you include internal links to your content, it helps your customers to navigate easily in your website. It gives a deep understanding of the structure of your website. Using this strategy will surely boost your SEO. It as well gives your visitors related information, which they will try to find in other pages.

Having a Slow Site

Site speed really matters. People are all in a hurry, and they like everything to be fast. If your website loads slowly, you will not only face the problem of losing your visitors but as well, you will rank slower in search engines. Fortunately, this is not a hard issue, which has not a solution. You should improve your website speed, as faster websites bring more customers, who will grow your ranking and increase your sales.

Complex Navigation and Website Design

Both functionality and design of your eCommerce website can play a great role in your ranking and success. You should build a website, which will be very easy to use and understand. Your website is the first image of your business, which in turn brings your future growth. It brings you paying and potential customers, so it should not include confusing terms. In short, there should be a great balance between your SEO and your website design.

Little Attention to Reviews

Customers not only read reviews but also give great importance to them. Online reviews are now quite influential. They have an influence on both buyer’s behaviour but also on the reputation of the website. Either it can build your business, or just the opposite bring harm to it. Positive reviews will make purchasing decisions. They get more people to see your business.

Lack of Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile devices are very popular and they are with us everywhere we go. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is important. It allows you to be available for your customers everywhere they go, as they like to connect and get what they want regardless of their location. Hence, those who do not optimize their websites for mobile devices, fail to offer their customers that type of experience. Here competitors will win the “battle”.

Ignoring Google Analytics

This digital marketing tool helps to measure the success of your website. It gives you an idea of what is best for your business ranking and what is not. Through it, you can as well see how the interaction of your customers with your website is. You not only monitor and discover your SEO strategies but also user experience. The information that it gives you, helps in the development and improvement of your eCommerce website.

Duplicate Content

It can bring traffic loses. It makes confusion in search engines, bringing harm your SEO by sending conflicting signals. Avoiding it, you will have a chance to have a priority over other websites. Here if you fail to identify if there is any problematic content exists in your website that can harm your reputation, SEO audit can help you to find out all those issues and solve them.

Businesses differ; however, they all have one general aim: to make business success. For this, all you need is to follow common strategies and avoid making SEO mistakes that can have negative impact on your website.

Susan Mour is a marketing and creative content specialist at Smarketa.com with a primary focus on SEO, PPC and customer satisfaction for eCommerce business. Being a true humanist she draws inspiration from the simple thing as everyday life and the matters one come across on a daily bases doing her best and above to help everyone around.

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