10 Exciting Examples of the Beaver Builder Plugin in Use

10 Exciting Examples of the Beaver Builder Plugin in Use

Building a stunning website is a tough job.

Even if you have some basic understanding of things like code and web design, you’ll struggle on your own.

That’s why most companies that want to launch online as quickly as possible turn to page builders to get the job done. After all, builder plugins are designed to simplify the process of building your own website. They allow you to drag and drop modules into the right place and even edit your themes.

Though there are many builder plugins to choose from today, one of the most popular is the Beaver Builder plugin. The Beaver Builder WordPress plugin was created to give users absolute freedom when designing their site’s pages. This plugin helps to power thousands of sites.

That’s why today, we’re going to be looking at the unique things that you can accomplish with Beaver Builder, just in case you need a little inspiration.

So, let’s get started!

What You Can Do with the Beaver Builder Plugin

Beaver Builder is a dedicated WordPress page builder plugin.

It’s used by professionals and web agencies alike and help them create stunning WordPress websites. Via a powerful design system and flexible interface, the Beaver Builder WordPress plugin makes designing the ultimate website a breeze.

What’s more, this plugin is equipped with a host of handy modules that provide advanced functionality such as the option to add photos from your WordPress media library or an URL. You can also create newsletter sign-up forms, insert social media buttons, and build multi-side networks.

The best thing about the Beaver Builder plugin, however, is it’s drag-and-drop interface. To use it, all you have to do is just drag modules where you want and begin customizing them to fit your brand.

Features of Beaver Builder include:

  • Live front-end editing
  • Reusable templates
  • Multisite support
  • Import/Export for images and other content
  • SEO optimization
  • Widget and short code support
  • Translation support
  • Editor mode
  • Live theme editing
  • Network-wide setting
  • White-labeling capability
  • Advanced and basic modules

Now let’s take a look at the Beaver Builder plugin in use to learn more about what you can create with this simple page builder plugin.

1. Columbia Corp

The Columbia Corp website is an excellent example of the Beaver Builder plugin in use. The company has taken full advantage of the highlight box module on Beaver Builder, to help draw attention to individual components of content as you scroll.

The parallax scrolling for separate row segments makes the experience of searching through the website easier. Additionally, the dynamic format fills blocks with text as you move, pulling your attention immediately to the page. Columbia Corp has even leveraged the benefits of Beaver Builder’s contact form building service to help with collecting and nurturing leads.

2. Netz-Work

Netz-Work is a fantastic website designed to attract business owners hoping to accomplish more with their websites. The design of this site is instantly engaging, complete with bold colors and a dynamic headline that changes.

There’s a blog section included with the Beaver Builder WordPress plugin to help boost this site’s SEO. Additionally, the Beaver Theme in use ensures that the site can maintain a clean and consistent single-post layout throughout. Lastly, headers and footers remain the same as you hop through the pages on the site, simplifying navigation.

3. Seven Short Film

Designed to advertise an award-winning short film, the Seven Short Film website delivers a neat and compelling website design. This particular site uses the Genesis Framework as the foundations for its appearance, followed by the Beaver Builder plugin. In this case, the Beaver Builder plugin allows for more customization of the site.

The website is bold and attractive with large images that
grab attention as you scroll through the pages. The images load as you scroll
to ensure that the website isn’t slowed down in any way. Additionally, there’s
a helpful footer bar keeping you informed about the site’s use of cookies.

4. Dermo Aesthetics

Health and beauty websites often strive to deliver clean and professional-looking websites with advanced themes. The Dermo Aesthetics websites achieves this with a fantastic combination of the Beaver Builder WordPress plugin and some enhanced Power Pack plugins.

Using the Beaver Builder solution, Dermo has carefully placed content into easy-to-read modules. This ensures that every chunk of text has it’s own home on the page, with plenty of surrounding white space. The site also showcases excellent use of color and a fantastic all-in-one homepage design with plenty of useful information.

5. Digiden

Digiden is a creative and engaging website built with the Beaver Builder WordPress plugin. This site offers an excellent insight into Beaver Builder’s ability to integrate contact forms and social media buttons. There’s also evidence of importing unique fonts and logos and diagonal rows separate to bring more interest to the page.

The Digiden website also combines Beaver Builder with other
Power Pack solutions, like the logo grid module for the client section to
deliver social proof. There’s also a headline area that uses the PowerPack
animated headline module to grab attention.

6. SG Associates

SG Associates hired professional designers to create the perfect website for their needs. The resulting experience is something that’s highly professional and engaging. This design is perfect for showcasing luxury real estate services. The site uses the Beaver Builder plugin, in combination with the Beaver Theme solution, as well as custom post types to provide a range of stunning content types.

The lightweight nature of the Beaver Builder solution means that the primary image on the SG Associates page can be a fantastic video, demonstrating the kind of homes that the company sells. While video would usually slow a website down, this isn’t the case for SG Associates.

7. Run Shoe Store

Another excellent example of the Beaver Builder plugin in use is this footwear website that showcases an animated header with automatic scrolling, unique blended page dividers, and more. The overall experience combines Beaver Builder with a range of lightweight Power Pack modules and plugins. Beaver Builder works well with external tools and is lightweight enough to allow for widget use without slowing the site.

There’s an integrated eCommerce store in this website, so
that the company can instantly attract and convert leads after helping customers
to fall in lover with their designs using the Beaver Builder themes.

8. Weddings in Rome

The Weddings in Rome website is all about attracting customers and convincing them to take part in a sales funnel. The site makes use of the Beaver Builder WordPress plugin to deliver an easy-to-use and immersive experience, designed with custom pastel colors. The lightweight Beaver Theme allows the website builder to create a range of different templates that will best suit their target audience.

The Beaver Builder design on this website allows for animated images on the header section of the front page, dynamic links with animated scroll-over, and the add-in of various unique video and slide-show styles of content.

9. St Ives Cottages Cornwall

Another fabulous Beaver Builder plugin example is the St Ives website for cottages in Cornwall, which aims to advertise self-catering experiences to customers across Cornwall. In addition to the Beaver Builder plugin, this site uses a range of plugins and add-ons, including on-page popups for discount offers on rooms and a cookies announcement for GDPR compliance.

The home page uses a scrolling image slideshow to capture
attention, as well as custom colors and fonts throughout. The site also has a
helpful “Cottage Availability” feature added through Beaver Builder to help
with lead capture.

10. Aa Snijders & Zn

Finally, this is a colorful and attractive website created
from scratch using the Beaver Builder plugin. The website helpfully showcases
the work that the construction company has accomplished in the past. With the
Beaver Builder solution, the company has created a unique website with custom page
breaks, unique colors, and imported images.

There’s a project page with an embedded image gallery for
potential customers to scroll through. Additionally, the website includes a
custom contact form to help people get in touch about their projects. The whole
website is also perfectly designed for small screens. What’s more, there’s a
scrolling section of certifications included at the bottom of the page for
social proof.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re creating the ultimate WordPress blog or are designing a website that can help you to attract leads for your online store, there’s a good chance you’ll need some extra help.

Very few companies have the skills or in-house talent required to build a perfect site from scratch. Fortunately, tools like the Beaver Builder plugin are excellent for unlocking endless design features, without the headache.

With a tool like Beaver Builder, you can use customizable themes and unique drag-and-drop modules to unlock a professional website in no time. And don’t forget to check out this guide for extra help on how to bring your WordPress blog to life.

Have you tried the Beaver Builder plugin before? What do you like best about the plugin? Let us know in the comments below.

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