10+ Elementor Examples to Help You Turn up the Creativity

10+ Elementor Examples to Help You Turn up the Creativity

When it comes to WordPress page builder plugins, Elementor
is one of the very best. It lets you create standout websites with ease and
doesn’t require you have any coding or technical knowledge to use. And the best
part is, Elementor is free to use.

Adding to that, Elementor lets you edit on the front end of your website, create endless numbers of customizations using the hundreds of pre-designed templates, and even create mobile-specific websites so all users can access and view your website no matter the device.

Want to know more? Check out this detailed review of the Elementor page builder plugin and find out what it can do for you!

If you’re thinking about using Elementor to build your
WordPress website, and need a little inspiration (or want to make sure it has what your website needs) check out this
roundup of some of the best examples of websites using Elementor.

So, let’s get started!

1. Hope Foods

hope foods

Hope Foods is an eCommerce site that shows just how the high-quality page builder can help online shop owners create stunning websites that function seamlessly and load blazing fast.

Most notable features include:

  • Beautiful, modern-looking font styles in varying
  • Impressive color schemes that help establish
    brand recognition
  • Neat mouse effects when you hover over call to
    action buttons
  • Striking shape dividers which separate the
    homepage into distinct sections users can understand
  • Social share buttons for boosting visitor

Hope Foods is one of those fun and colorful eCommerce sites
you won’t soon forget once arriving. And thanks to its beautiful web design and
clear CTAs, this type of site layout works for the Hope Foods company and not
against it.

2. Planet Lucid

planet lucid

Though Planet Lucid is another eCommerce shop, it’s a unique
site that utilizes the power and creativity of the Elementor page builder.

Most notable features include:

  • Extensive online shop with its own navigation
    menu items for an easier shopping experience
  • Beautiful landing page for a homepage, complete
    with animations and a three-column banner featuring what the company has to
  • Hover effects that enable when you mouse over
    social share buttons, thumbnail images, and written text
  • Actionable call to action encouraging customers
    to finalize their purchase
  • Interactive sizing chart so customers can pick
    the perfect product

Planet Lucid comes packed with cool animations, hover effects, and color schemes that leave lasting first impressions and make people want to come back for more.

3. Mike Balicki

mike balicki

Mike Balicki is a real estate agent that knows how to leave
a lasting impression on those that land on his website. And one reason he is so
popular is that his website oozes professionalism and expertise thanks to the
Elementor page builder. That’s why he earns a spot on this roundup of the best
Elementor examples.

Most notable features include:

  • Interactive Google map so people can find his office immediately
  • Beautiful shape dividers in multiple colors separating important sections on the homepage
  • Built-in contact form for getting in touch with leads and current clients and building a bigger email list
  • Animated text that engages people and encourages them to convert
  • Huge hero image above the fold highlighting the location of his services

In the end, Mike Balicki knows what it takes to convince people
to work with him over the competition. And it starts with his website.

4. Alejandro Alarcon

alejandro alarcon

Alejandro Alarcon is an architect that uses Elementor’s
stunning layout options to showcase his portfolio, including an image, date,
and content title, in an effort to boost engagement and grab more leads.

Most notable features include:

  • Smooth parallax transitions, complete with large background image that follows users as they scroll
  • Simple, consistent typography throughout that’s not only accessible but minimal and easy to read
  • Social share buttons that go beyond the standard Facebook and Twitter
  • Neat transitions that re-organize each webpage once you click on a navigational menu item
  • Separate image gallery that focuses on one image at a time

Being an architect is all about highlighting your best work.
Using an easy to use plugin like Elementor to help create a website that people
will love is one of the best ways to do just that.

5. Marc Mas

marc mas

Marc Mas is a web developer that specializes in web design,
graphic art, and video design. So, it makes sense that he would invest his time
in a page builder plugin that can let him do his best work on his very own
website and land on this roundup of the best Elementor examples.

Most notable features include:

  • Wobble animation and dynamic text in the company
  • Perfect use of a one-page web design that
    transitions seamlessly as people scroll thanks to the smooth parallax effect
  • Hover effects that appear when you mouse over
    important parts of the site
  • Automatic slider with images and title upon
  • Sticky scroll navigation for jumping to any
    section on the site

One-page websites aren’t always easy to create. You want to
make sure that users get all the information they need right away, without
having to scroll for an endless amount of time. Luckily, Marc Mas is an expert
in what he does and knows what it takes to get people interested and converting.

6. Mason & Megan

mason and megan

Mason & Megan is a professional photography business
that loves to capture people’s favorite moments so they can be remembered
forever. And the fact that it uses Elementor to help share these picture
perfect moments with others just sweetens the deal.

Most notable features include:

  • Recent work displayed in small containers with
    hover effects that guide site visitors
  • Minimally styled image slider with testimonial,
    image, and names that automatically slides
  • Two-column section revealing an image on one
    side and a compelling call to action on the other
  • Navigation menu that changes the content and the
    header image to match
  • Consistent color scheme that appears throughout
    the site and helps establish brand recognition

Photography sites are all over the internet. Photographers
of all kinds are vying for the same target audience. It takes a special website
with standout web design to become a success in what seems like an oversaturated

7. Fire Media

fire media

Fire Media is a digital media agency that offers people web
and logo design, social media management, and video production services. And to
make sure you can see their expert skills, they use Elementor and all its features
to design their own website.

Most notable features include:

  • The video background on the homepage is a real
  • On the Services page, there’s an accordion setup
    that crams a lot of information into an organized place
  • A popup modal contact form appears when you
    click the Contact navigation menu
  • Large, branded background image
  • Custom icons that match the company name and
    highlight important information

Matching your web design to your company name isn’t always
easy. But Fire Media does a really great job.

8. Themefisher


Themefisher is a minimally styled theme shop that offers
users HTML and Bootstrap themes.

Most notable features include:

  • 3-column section showcasing the themes that are available (upon hover you can see detail and preview buttons)
  • Perfectly positioned elements making it easy to navigate the site
  • A large vector image, CTA, and social share buttons make up the footer section
  • Web-friendly font style and simple color scheme makes the company appear professional and knowledgeable
  • Search bar for site visitors

Even though a website is designed with simplicity in mind,
that doesn’t mean you can’t use Elementor to create a highly-converting website
that generates a lot of revenue.

9. E-Bikes


E-bikes is a neat eCommerce site that comes with a neutral color scheme, basic typography, and clear, high-resolution images that make people want to become customers.

Most notable features include:

  • Sidebar with information for exploring the site:
    recent posts, comments, and categories
  • Colorful social share buttons on each product to
    encourage sharing of favorite items
  • Built-in FAQs section and blog
  • Colorful shopping cart in the corner with number
    of items
  • Full page, automated image slider highlighting

There’s a lot more to running an online store than just
selling products and making money. You have to create a visually appealing
website that people will want to explore. E-Bikes doesn’t sell a huge variety
of items, but thanks to its strategic web design and the Elementor page builder
plugin, it does a great job of convincing people to buy.

10. Eat That

eat that

Eat That is a deliciously creative website that takes
advantage of all the neat features found in all the vest Elementor examples in
our list. To start, it has an interactive Google map, to top of page button,
built-in contact form, and hours of operation section.

Most notable features include:

  • Integrated Facebook feed for staying up to date on all the latest breaking news
  • Sticky navigation menu for easier exploration of the site
  • Branded menu button that turns into a PDF
  • Service section with hover effects that change the icon colors
  • Slider testimonials complete with users reviews, which is a great form of social proof

11. Henry Winslow Yoga

henry winslow yoga

Henry Winslow Yoga shows site visitors what yoga movement is
all about right from the start with its video content that appears right below
the header navigation menu in the header section.

Most notable features include:

  • Multiple clear and color branded calls to action
    to get people to sign up for classes
  • Testimonial slider with user reviews and
    comments automatically load for site visitors to see
  • Multi-column thumbnails of images and video
    content that lead to more extensive image galleries
  • Stunning parallax effects that make scrolling
    through the site a breeze
  • Sans serif font styles make reading the text (even when it’s a lot) easy on site

This website is one of those Elementor examples that shines.
The web design matches the industry and encourages people to get healthy and
have a little fun.

12. Travel Cebu

travel cebu

For those that love to travel and have a travel blog to prove it, Travel Cebu is the perfect example of how Elementor can convince people to book their next vacation ASAP.

Most notable features include:

  • Large hero image, complete with company logo,
    value proposition, and call to action button
  • Grid-like package section highlighting tours, showcasing
    images, and providing important details
  • Vector icons paired with testimonials and
    separated by shape dividers
  • Built-in shopping cart in the corner for a
    seamless shopping experience
  • Full page navigation menu on small screens

Travel Cebu is one of the best Elementor examples showing people how travel agencies can attract traffic, encourage site engagement, and boost bookings with a little bit of web design effort.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! 12 of the very best Elementor
examples on the internet today for those that need a little inspiration or want
to see what Elementor can do in real life.

Once you realize that Elementor is an affordable, easy to use page builder plugin for WordPress, it’s time to create a standout website that puts the competition to shame. Remember, Elementor comes with all the design and functionality you could need, no matter your skill level. But just in case you want to improve your SEO efforts, be sure to check out these reliable rich snippet plugins for getting your site found in search results.

Have you ever used
Elementor to build your website? Do you know of any great Elementor examples
that you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear all about it in
the comments below!

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