10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

Blog posting is currently on the rise. Many people earn great money making different posts that are helpful for other people. Simultaneously, they can also enjoy what they do. They cover many themes that are also interesting to them. Unfortunately, some bloggers struggle with their blogs. Their writing skills aren’t good enough and they require improvement. If you’re a blogger but have certain problems with your blog promotion, we can help you.

We have created a list of 10 easy ways to improve your writing. Give heed to the following points:

  1. Remain focused.
  2. Enlarge the vocabulary.
  3. Have your own unique style.
  4. Control your time.
  5. Don’t fight back the block.
  6. Have an editor.
  7. Read a lot.
  8. Visit online events.
  9. Take online courses.
  10. Cultivate specific writing.

Way #1

Many writers violate terms or write blogs with poor content due to different distractions. When you sit to write, make sure nobody and nothing draws your attention away. It’s really difficult to return to a work that was interrupted. Remember how often you had a great idea in your head but due to the interruption, you forgot it. Our brain takes about 17 minutes to refocus. This is a disastrous gap in time. It may seriously damage the quality of your content.


Therefore, don’t get distracted. Eliminate all possible distractions. Turn off your cell phone, TV-set, laptop, quit video and gaming, log out all social media, etc. Also ask people who surround you to be silent and not to bother you, unless it’s a matter of urgency.

Way #2

Work out your vocabulary and enlarge it. Probably, you’ll begin with one theme. You should become an expert in it and learn what words belong to it. Write them down and learn. You can easily memorize them if you richly use them in your papers. You can even write simple short-stories for yourself. Your brain will memorize them automatically.

If you want to attract more readers, get involved in other themes too. Cover as many as you can. Always study the active vocabulary and use proper words when it’s needed. Proper and some unique words will show a high level of your intellect.


However, don’t over complicate things. Don’t try to keep in your memory every single word and term. Besides, you should use words that are familiar to most people. Don’t overload their minds with too complex terms. This will quickly get on their nerves and they’ll look for more readable content.

Way #3

Every blogger is expected to have his/her unique style. Nobody would like to read authors who follow a single style. People should recognize the master after his/her individual format and structure.


At times, we don’t know which style is perfect for us. Consequently, you should work hard and try different approaches. Read other authors, consider their style and try to use a thing or two in your own writing. You will identify the most suitable style within time. Therefore, be patient.

Way #4

You are not pressed by time like students. Nonetheless, you should release new blogs on a regular basis. That’s why you should learn how to manage time effectively. Set a strict timetable for every piece of writing, as well as for concrete parts. Thus, devote several minutes on introduction, more time on the main plot and conclusions.

Way #5

If you face the writer’s block, don’t battle it. All you’ll have would be a headache. It should be cured by time. Perhaps, you’re simply too tired. Take a rest and return refreshed and full of energy.

Way #6

Get a second pair of eyes. In other words, hire an editor to check your articles. Sometimes, other people may spot mistakes we don’t even see. They can tell you about them and even give a piece of advice.

Way #7

Of course, you should do a lot to gain the necessary experience. We advise reading everything. This may be even pleasure reading. Read fiction books, as well as specific literature. You never know when you may come across some interesting writing techniques that can improve your blog writing.

Way #8

Use the Internet to improve your weak sides. Thus, you can attend different webinars and workshops dedicated to various writing issues. Learn from the successful experience of other professional academic writers and use their tips to improve your skills.

Way #9

Another tip is to take online courses. There are multiple writing courses that may come you in handy. Look for online lessons that focus on some things you want to improve and pass them. Even some courses for newbies may serve you well. Repeat what you already know and try to evaluate how well you manage the lessons.

Way #10

You should practice and develop specific writing. Once you define your own unique style, try to improve it in all possible ways. There are several mini-practices that will sharpen your pen. They are as follows:

  • Compose concise and beautifully constructed sentences.
  • Be more conversational and less scientific.
  • Avoid clichés and meaningless sentences.
  • Make smooth and logical transitions.
  • Experiment with sentence structuring.
  • Make outlines for every part of writing, as well as researching phase.
  • Use metaphors and citations.
  • Compose mini-stories on different topics.

Memorize this list and try to fulfill all these points. You should practice them several times per week to reach perfection.

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