10 Best WordPress Table Plugins to Organize Data (Compared)

10 Best WordPress Table Plugins to Organize Data (Compared)

Do you want to create an Excel-style table on your WordPress website? With tables, you can compare features for different products easily. It is a great way to create easy-to-read lists of your products with multiple columns and rows.

In this article, we have handpicked some of the best WordPress table plugins that you can use to create tables on your website. In fact, we used a table plugin (TablePress) to create a table of our own, to showcase the first 5 plugins on our list! Check it out below.

At a Glance: Best WordPress Table Plugins

Plugin Price Active Installs / Sales
Ninja Tables from $39 10,000+
TablePress Free 700,000+
CSS3 Responsive Tables from $20 / year 10,000+
Advanced Tables from $21 / year 500+
ARPrice from $23 / year 3000+

How to Choose the Best WordPress Table Plugin?

There’re many free and premium WordPress table plugins on the market. It can be confusing for beginners to select the best Excel-style table plugin for their WordPress website simply because they get overwhelmed with the amount of options.

The easiest way to cut through the confusion and evaluate your WordPress plugin needs, is to compare your requirements with the features of the available plugins.

Table plugins have features like drag and drop builders, filters, sorting, pagination, responsive design, styling options, media support, and import/export functionalities.

To make this task even easier for you, we’ve listed the top WordPress table plugins in this article. You can quickly go through each plugin and its features to decide which is the best table plugin for your WordPress website.

That said, let’s take a look at the best WordPress table plugins you can try.

1. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is a premium WordPress table plugin. It comes with a drag and drop table builder that you can use quickly rearrange columns and rows. It also has media support, so you can add images and other data in your tables.

The plugin has color options for columns and rows. You can add custom styles to your tables and enhance the user experience. Ninja Tables allows you to create fully responsive tables that look great on all screen sizes.

2. TablePress


TablePress is the most popular free WordPress table plugin on the market. It allows you to create simple, beautiful tables easily. It has a spreadsheet-like interface in the backend that helps you add data without writing a single line of code.

You can add the tables into your pages, posts, and widget areas using shortcodes. TablePress supports filters, pagination, and sorting. It enables you to import/export tables from Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files. For an example of TablePress in action, scroll up and look at the table on this article!

3. CSS3 Responsive Tables

CSS3 Responsive Tables

CSS3 Responsive Tables is a responsive WordPress table plugin. It can be used to create tables and compare prices for different products. You can add unlimited rows and columns with tons of options for the tables.

It comes with over 20 color choices, 2 table styles, active columns, hover color styles, and more. The plugin supports icons, tooltips, and ribbons. It also enables you to import/export data to other file formats easily.

4. Advanced Tables

Advanced Tables

Advanced Tables is another premium table plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create simple, Excel-style tables easily. With a shortcode, you can display your table in your WordPress posts or pages. It has media support which means you can insert images into the columns and rows of your tables.

Plus, you can add a sticky header that floats along with the table. It supports sorting, pagination, and custom styles for your WordPress tables.

5. ARPrice


As the name suggests, ARPrice is a pricing table plugin for WordPress. It comes with over 300 pricing table templates to make your work easy when creating pricing plans and comparison tables.

It has a real-time editor. You can simply select a theme, drag and drop tools, change colors, and customize the table as needed. It also allows you to add images and ribbons to your WordPress tables.

6. Table Maker

Table Maker

Table Maker is a free, responsive WordPress table plugin. It enables you to create comparison tables, specification tables, and top list tables on your WordPress website easily. It has predefined icons, custom headers, sub-headers, and color choices.

It supports labeling for columns and rows. It features center align and image uploading options. You can use shortcodes to display tables anywhere on your WordPress website.

7. League Table

League Table

League Table is a powerful premium WordPress table plugin. It comes with 105 options per table, 17 options per cell, and 13 general options. It has an advanced multi-column sorting system that you can use to create any type of table.

It has a spreadsheet-like editor which allows you to input data and manage your tables easily. You can highlight any cell property with colors. The most unique feature of this plugin is its support for typographical styles and mathematical formulas.

8. Ultimate Tables

Ultimate Tables

Ultimate Tables is another free WordPress table plugin. It allows you to create and manage tables easily from your WordPress admin area. It has a widget that you can use to display tables in your sidebar, footer, and other widgetized areas of your website.

It allows you to add HTML, CSS, and text in the table cells. Ultimate Tables has support for pagination, shortcode, search box, and custom designs.

9. wpDataTables


wpDataTables is one of the most popular free WordPress table plugins. It allows you to upload Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML files to create tables in WordPress quickly.

It has custom options to change colors, rename headings, reorder data, and add CSS to style your tables. The plugin allows you to add up to 150 rows in total.

10. Data Tables Generator

Data Table Generator

Data Tables Generator is a popular table plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create beautiful, responsive tables from your WordPress dashboard without writing any code. It supports diagrams, graphics, and charts. You can create diagrams from the data in your table.

It enables you to customize the colors for columns and rows. You can allow your users to export data from your frontend into PDF, Excel, and CSV files. It also supports mathematical formulas.

We hope this list helped you find the best WordPress table plugin for your needs. If you found this post useful, you may also want to check out our list of the best WordPress calendar plugins (Google calendar sync).

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